Monday, 8 January 2018

Back To The Grind

Although I returned to work last week, it was only 2 and a half days and didn't really feel like the festive season was over, so today it really is back to business. 

Work clothes laid out the night before

Preschool clothes laid out the night before

Work lunches made up for the week - this week it is veg soup all boxed up and ready to grab each morning

Preschool snacks in the bag ready for the boy child to grab on his way out

Coat and hat put next to the bag

Setting the 500 alarms to make sure we are up on time

Getting the boy child bathed and to bed early 

Trying to get all the little jobs done the night before because there will be no time during the week to get them done now we are back to normal. 

Checking the calendar to make sure all the childminding arrangements have been made for the week

Just like that the holidays are forgotten about and we get back to the grind as if there was never any break to begin with. I do love my routine though, not necessarily the time constraints that come with it but the order being back in the house. 
Looking at the above it would seem preparation is the key to make all the juggling go as smoothly as possible and Day 1 back it, we are doing good, y'know that's a good effort right there. 
Now just to keep it up for the foreseeable, we should do, I mean if we stick to our "getting up earlier so we aren't rushing" philosophy that we've been attempting for the last god knows how long....we'll be just fine!

Happy Monday! 

Or this!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2018 - A Year Of Change

2017 slipped away from me quietly. I spent it back at home in my parents house with them and the boy child while the OH had to work. We never really do anything on New Years Eve, the parents usually come to us and we get take away and watch RTE 1 until they do the countdown which they mess up every single year! 

2017 was a bit of an odd year to be honest, it felt like we were just surviving, just about keeping the heads above water in every aspect. We were caught for finances and time a lot in 2017 from the very beginning and when the OH lost his job last January I honestly didn't know what we were going to do, but as everyone said "Don't worry you'll be fine" and we were, still are. We made it through, it's been tough and it's not over yet but we are so close to the finish line in this chapter of our lives, change is on the horizon and well, I'm excited for 2018. 

I usually make resolutions that I never stick to but these aren't resolutions as such but things that deserve a bit more of my time and attention, all things that were put on the back burner while we got through 2017.

  • Blogging - My blog has and is a hobby of mine, it's not my job and I don't rely on it financially so I do it out of total love. It's taken a hit in recent times and been neglected both in the frequency of posts as well as the quality of posts. I aim to give it a bit more love this year and make an effort to create interesting content. As well as loving my own blog, I want to share that too, I've not kept up with my favourite blogs and I miss reading them and discovering new ones so I'm going to make more of an effort to read and share. 

  • Photography - I will, I swear I will, actually finish the online photography course I've started. I need to understand the camera better and make better use of it, or y'know actually pick the thing up and turn it on! It's a pssion of mine, I lvoe capturing, editing and creating pictures and I missed it more than I thought last year. 

  • Health - One of my last posts of 2017 was about how I'd been put on medication for high blood pressure and I'm determined to take better care of myself to reduce the risks associated with it. There are a few steps I can take to do this and I will hopefully share what I find effective. I was given a clean bill of health this time last year with the exception of high BP and to keep an eye on it, I didn't and well now I suffer the consequences so it really needs to take priority this year. 

  • Wellbeing - As the point above I also neglected my own wellbeing last year, resulting in stress related headaches, weight gain, skin break outs and just an overall not looking after myself and minding myself. I let things go a lot and it doesn't make me feel good. I want to feel energised and positive, not sluggish and unmotivated. This has been going on for more than the last 12 months but the shock of the BP diagnosis really hit home for me. I aim to stress less, or at least manage it better.

  • Time Management - I really need to manage my time better. Holding down a full time job and having an energetic 4 year old at home, there's not much spare time left in the days but what is there I need to use more wisely. It's so easy to say "Argh I don't have time for that" but if it's something I really want to do I'll make the time. Organisation is the key here and lists, I lvoe a good list and they really help wiht hitting the mini goals. Small changes on this issue I hope to make are getting up even a half hour earlier to save the last minute rushing, utilising the time I spend on the computer and being more productive on it, planning a week in advance for things that need to get done - I've a fancy new journal to keep track of all this.

  • Reading - I love reading, I used to be an avid reader but since L came along and life picked up a very fast pace my reading time has dwindled and it's something I miss. I have a pile of books next to my bed that I have every intention of picking up every night but never do. This is something I really want to change. 

  • Family Time - Something we have very little of in recent years but this year I want to see big changes in that and priotitise our time together. L loves having his mum and dad to himself and going off on little adventures and I feel like this year it's more important than ever before he makes his way into Junior Infants and proper school life begins. 
I'd like to think all of the above is achievable and that I put my focus back on some of the more enjoyable aspects of life.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Things Making My Life Nice Lately #2

Appreciating the nice things in life as I did in this post recently is to become a regular thing I think.

One it's a bit of blog inspo for my poor neglected tiny part of the internet world but also with life whizzing around us, it's so easy to get caught up in what's not so nice or what we don't have that we fail to appreciate the nice things that we do have in life. They may only be small, insignificant to some, but they are the little things that might give you the pick me up at the right time.

Here's my pick for this time around:

Lip Lacquer from Penneys / Primark. I adore this colour. It's perfect for wear during the day or night and lasts for ages. It goes on quite wet but once it settles it's comfortable and durable. It was a bargain for 2.50 and I think I'm going to have to go back and pick up some more colours. 

A sure sign Christmas is on it's way when you spot this in the shops. It's my favourite festive chocolate in recent times and makes up for the lack of Top Deck bars (remember them?!) around the place these days. They were the best bars, milk chocolate on the bottom, white chocolate on top, dipped into the cup of tea and melted, so yummy!!

We were kindly sent these juice drinks from Appy Kids Co and Luke loves them. Lower in sugar too and a variety of flavours, it's a win all round. They have been coming in handy for the preschool drink and the Paw Patrol and Dora designs have won me some Mum points.

I love painting my nails, they are rarely without colour. I change them up about 3 times a week but this is my favourite shade at the moment, it goes with everything. I always have to have one nail different too, a bit sparkly, anyone else or am I just clinging on to some quick passing trend. Having my nails done makes any outfit complete for me. I generally find you can't go wrong with the Essence range and the sparkle one is from Collection in Boots.

I was The M Word recently by Gill Books and was looking forward to reading it. I haven't picked up a book properly in ages, I try but I can't get past the first couple fo pages, I don't have the head space or something. It's something I'm trying to change and this book came alonga tthe right time, it was funny, easy to read and more importantly relatable. This isn't a "How To Parent" book, it's more of a "Feck it do what you gotta do" kind of book. Parenting is hard, particularly for us mothers and we are all trying our best and doing what we think is rihgt and that's the way it should be, this book enforces that thought process. You worry abnout your kids and I'll worry about mine! This is now top of my list for gifts for new Mum's! I really enjoyed reading it and it's broken my long run of not being able to finish a book!