Saturday, 2 July 2016

Me & Mine June

I definitely blinked and June was over! A bit late with June's Me and Mine due to a car disaster on Wednesday, thankfully it's all sorted now and we have a new car but it'll be bread and water for the next few weeks haha

June saw our little buddy turn 3, how he is now a 3 year old I don't know! He had a wonderful birthday party and it's as if he grew up over night, he literally did go to bed as a a 2 year old and woke up a much more grown version of himself as a 3 year old. He is now finished play school for the Summer but will going to a few days of Summer camp in July.
This month we decided to change Luke's preschool choice for September and have enrolled him in the country preschool, which just happens to be in the same building and room I was in for primary school many years ago so it'll be so lovely to drop and collect him there and seeing him share a bit of my childhood. It's a short walk from my parents house and it's right next door to our chosen primary school for him so he'll make the transition into there in 2 years time with the same friends from the preschool.

June saw the OH getting his college results, we are all very proud of overall distinction mark and he is looking forward to continuing his studies in September.
My SNA course has been going very well, we are almost finished the classes now but there is still assignments, essays and works experience to be done over the next few months but I am thoroughly enjoying the course and can't wait to get some hands on experience.

There's been a few more things going on the background here that have been keeping us busy so hopefully I can share some of that in the coming months but for now here we are in June, a very quick snap on Luke's birthday, he only came off the bouncy castle for minutes at a time so we just about managed to get these! You'll have to ignore our tired heads, it was at the end of the party and a very long day!

This months Luke loves:
  • Dinosaurs, anything to do with them, he got loads of dinosaur things for his birthday
  • Watching Play Doh videos on the tablet
  • Playing with his new Play Doh town set
This month Dad loves:
  • Watching Ireland in the Euros
  • Watching any other game of the Euros
  • Having a week off work and quality time with Luke
This month Mum loves:
  • Being out in the garden
  • Eating pretend pizza's Luke makes from his new Play Doh
  • Catching up on some Criminal Minds that have been on the Sky planner since Christmas, oops! 

The Me and Mine Project

Monday, 13 June 2016

3 Years Old

I can't quite believe I can write this post title, 3 years old, I own a 3 year old! 

Today you are 3.
3 years ago today at 04.36am you came into this world, not screaming instantly because you wanted to play a trick on your Mama, already a messer, we had to wait for what felt like a lifetime but was actually only a few seconds before you let out your first wail. I honestly felt like I'd been holding my breath for so long until I could hear you and know that after 39hours you were here and you were ok.

3 years ago my world was turned upside down. I never ever expected to feel the way you make me feel, so incredibly happy yet shaking in my boots terrified, so proud to show you off but too scared to let others too near you, you were only small, so protective yet certain I wasn't enough for you. I will never be able to explain how much I love you because there are not enough words but I'll try with these 4 - 

You Are My World. 

You make me want to be a better person, to push myself further to achieve things I wouldn't have before, to set a good example to you and to make you proud to call me your Mama, or "Mooooooom" as you like to call me. 

When I creep in at night to check on you while you sleep, it's my most favourite place to be, I could watch you all night, watch how your eyelashes rest gently just on your face, how your bear is never too far away from your hand, your hair is usually lightly damp from sweat because you are like your Dad and feel the heat but I still insist on wrapping you up well because I'm afraid you might get cold. Since you were born I always rest my hand on chest, just to check your breathing, every single night, I can't rest easy until I've done this.

At 3 years old you are fast becoming independent, exerting your authority over us and testing boundries and somedays, I won't lie, it's bloody hard. That's ok though because you are trying to find your way in the world and we are doing the best we can to guide you in the right direction.

At 3 years old you have well truly left the baby days behind except for the potty training but we're working on it, you'll be grand. 

At 3 years old you have finally begun to sleep somewhat normally hurrah!! You very nearly broke these last few years with the lack of sleep but with an imagination as creative as yours we can kind of understand how hard it might be to switch off, only kind of though, we're till tired!

At 3 years old you love nothing more than helping, all of us. Me with the washing up, Dad in the garden, Nanny in the kitchen, Grandad in the shed - you want to be involved in it all. 

At 3 year old, you are very precise and can't be fobbed off with a quick answer, Nanny said I was like this too when I was a child. You will keep asking until you are satisfied with our answers and you fully understand and if you don't, well you will certainly come back to us on it, even a few days down the line.

At 3 years old, you bravely go off into play school without a second glance at us and you go about your business, you have a soft spot for your teachers.

At 3 years old you are very clear about what you like and what you don't like, I like this, you are assertive even if it does cause some tantrums at times.

At 3 years old you think you can take on the world, you love hanging out with the bigger kids but sometimes are still a bit too small but I keep a watchful eye on you while also giving you some freedom. You are adventurous but you don't like to stray too far from my sight either.

At 3 years old you are the most wonderful, precious thing in our lives and each day you amaze us with something new, each day your Dad and I look at each other and know just how we lucky we are that we get to call you our son. We are so looking forward to this new year of your life

Happy Birthday Buddy

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me & Mine May

We are back this month with our Me & Mine contribution. We  missed out again last month, would you believe we were 3 or 4 days into May before we got a chance to grab a picture and that stage I just thought it was too late so made a conscious effort to be more prepared for May and I am, yay!

Life has been busy busy busy here these last 2 months. The OH finished his studies for this term and I began mine. I'm currently doing a night course in special needs assisting and am thoroughly enjoying it and learning something new. There are a couple of assignments due but so far I am managing it ok. I'm also back to work 5 days a week for the next few months so it is full on right now but I seem to thrive the more I have to do, anyone else like that?!

With me being out of the house more at the moment, the OH and I have done a bit of role reversal so he's looking after things at home and works mostly in the evenings, our days off are opposite so we rarely get to see each other but it's all good, my course will be finished soon and we'll will have a bit of our time together back. We just try to make the most of time off we have together. The weekends literally whizz by, 2 days to catch up on family time is just not enough!

Luke had an open day today at the centre he attends playgroup and he met his teachers and saw the room he'll in next year when he begins junior preschool, I can't believe he'll be in preschool this September, where has my baby gone?!

Life is so busy right I can't even think of anything specific to focus on because all the days blend into each other! So I'll just crack on with our pictures, we took these sunny selfies the other day at a park while we were enjoying the glorious sunshine that has finally decided to pay us a visit over here!

Here we are in May:

This month Luke loves:
  • Dinosaurs, everything to do with them
  • Playing out in the back garden
  • Taking selfies on Snapchat with all the funny filters
This month Dad loves:
  • Finishing this year of college
  • Luke watching him play a football match
  • Playing Power Rangers with Luke
This month Mum loves:
  • Learning something new
  • Getting out for a walk in the evening sunshine
  • Having full blown conversations with Luke, he's such a chatter box

The Me and Mine Project