Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween has been my most favourite ever! It's so much better to enjoy these holidays when theres children around. Even though Luke is only 20 weeks, I still made sure I went that extra bit with the celebrations.
I hosted my first ever kids / Halloween party...and boy am I tired after that! :) The majority of my friends all have young children so thought it wold be nice to get them all together to sure in some scary fun. Luke has been a bit poorly and got a bit worked up half way through but other than that he was a trooper. He was joined by his best friends Aoibhinn and Ellie plus many more.
I picked up most of Halloween decorations in Aldi and Tesco along with some goodies, but this morning was spent in the kitchen baking. I made some fairy cakes, the Boy made biscuits and a coffin shaped cake and my right hand girl, Katie made some rice krispie cakes, it was a busy kitchen! We added some scary touches to our Halloween cakes with some food colouring and spooky sprinkles.
We are now finishing off the day watching Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters in front of the fire. ( I think I'll be more scared watching it than Katie and she's 11!)

It really was a lovely afternoon and it just made me even more excited about getting into the Christmas spirit...all for the kids obviously ;)

My very own pumpkin :)

He had too many outfits so it turned into more of a Halloween week!

He then decided he wanted to be a vampire of some kind and tried to eat his Daddy :)



  1. Aw I love their little outfits- so cute! And you did so well with all the baking, looks like a great halloween party. x

    1. Thanks very was a bit of a rush job with the baking that morning but managed it somehow! All outfits were from Tesco, very cute! xo


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