Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mum Knows Best #1

I've decided to start a new series for all the things my Mum was right about and I really should've just listened to her first time around because as always she really does know best!


While busy nesting and preparing for the arrival Luke all those months ago, me and Mum had many a discussion about sterilisers. She was all for the old fashioned Milton cold water sterilisers and I was not. God no, I couldn't be dealing with the hassle of emptying and refilling that with water every day and then I'd also have to buy the sterilising tablets, nevermind the smell from it!
So off I trotted to get my Avent microwave steriliser, 2minutes and they were done, ping, sat in the microwave until I needed them. Smugly I perched it on the counter top ready for use.

Ugh boy was I regretting it a few weeks in! Unless I wanted to have the microwave on the go all day, I had to wait until I could fill the steriliser with 4 bottles and then put it on. If I wanted to take out one bottle it meant the rest wold only remain sterilised for 24 hours, so if I went to get a bottle after that amount of time I would need to re sterilise them. Not to mention that I really didn't think 2 minutes in the microwave was really giving them a good sterilising session.

So after lots of "I told you so's" from the Mothership off I went and got myself exactly what she had recommended from the start! So much easier, I can just pop the bottles in once I'm done and take them out as I need them...and the smell has actually grown on me! (Luke not so much, the face he pulls when he first tastes the milton teat is quite funny!)

And the winner is...


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