Monday, 28 October 2013

Where I Live

If you look at the map of Ireland, cast your eyes over the county of Cork and you might just see a teeny tiny island toward the south east...that's my home :)
I moved to Ireland from Slough, England when I was 6 years old. We moved to the bustling tourist town of Cobh, famous for the Titanic and the Mauritania.
This place is and will always be my home no matter how much I may complain about it sometimes. I've left to move to the neighbouring town when I was 19, for work reasons and also to have a bit of an adventure living away from home but still went back there one night a week. I took off again at 21 to travel to Australia for a year, turned into 7 months as the homesickness was overwhelming. I think that was when I realised how important home was to me.
Cobh is a bustling tourist town during the Summer months, we have the world's biggest liners docking here, bringing in lots of new visitors to our town. Most weekends during the Summer there will street stalls on street entertainment or kids activities going on in the promenade looking out into Cork harbour, one of the largest natural harbours in the world.
Nearly all of my fondest memories are in Cobh, school days, teenage years, first love, first heartbreak, my oldest friends, my family, the local night club that we all tried so hard to get into underage and these days we'd nearly have to be paid to go in there! There's 2 squares in the middle of the town which is where the majority of the shenanigans take place - every year the the teenagers that have just completed their Leaving Cert meet in the square to gather for pictures and drinks before taking off for the end of school reunion or graduation. Every August during the Cobh Regatta, the square is the meeting place for the locals to get together to enjoy the weekends entertainment. The squares are the happening place after the club closes and we all spill out onto the street to grab some food and fight for a taxi! There's been plenty if friendships and relationships began on the "monument" in the square :)
I absolutely love living by the sea, it makes for a windy stroll along town during the Winter months but its so refreshing.
I lived in the countryside all my life here until this year when I took the plunge and moved out of home, nearer into the town, to start making memories with my own little family. Even being in the countryside, I'm a short walk from the sea. I used to park up by the water at night with an old friend, looking out into the water, talking for hours on end. Even now, when I feel I need some down time, parking up by the water is the first thing I think of to do.

While Cobh has seen some better days, its also seen worse and I do believe that there is huge potential and our town has a lot more to offer yet :)

St Colmans Cathedral

Cobh Town

The Promenade

Sea Views from "The Valley" 


The Promanade, The Pier and Cuskinny strand

Happy School Days, even happier when we graduated ;)

Evening view from my front garden, well Mum's front garden :)

I was tagged in this post by Hurrah For Gin :)


*Top 3 photo's taken by my Dad from a crane on a site he was recently working on in Cobh. All other photos taken and edited by me*


  1. It sounds so lovely! I love the photo of all the coloured houses and the view from your mums is to die for :)
    It's wonderful you have such happy memories of growing up there too.
    p.s you cab tag some people in your post to pass it on too if you like x

  2. Thank you :) I do miss that view now that I live in my own place but its only a 5 minute drive whenever I do want to see it.
    Eek yes I wasn't sure who to tag, I'm new to all of this but slowly getting the hang of it :)


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