Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 Months

So another month has rolled around far too quickly, it feels like last week I wrote about L turning 4 months. This boy is changing so fast so much every day. His Nan only commented today about how she can see a change in him every time she sees him which is most days.

He has now well and truly established his love for solid foods, he's on 3 meals a day. We start off with porridge mixed with a bit of fruit for breakfast, pureed veg and some homemade soup for lunch and for now, half a jar of baby food for dinner. He'll have a bit of dessert most days, maybe some custard or chocolate pudding and he absolutely loves his bit of banana bedtime before he goes up. He's a right little buster! His bottles have reduced from 7oz to about 5oz. He will not entertain water at the moment which is frustrating because he guzzled it down when he was first born but I'll keep trying it.
We haven't quite mastered the sleeping through the night but that's ok. I feel like he's slowly started to phase out his middle of the night bottle himself now though as he is waking later for it and drinking less. He still wakes between 4.30am and 5.30am every single morning but we just scoop him up and in with us where he will sleep on until 7.30am, sometimes a bit later.
He's sitting up unaided now, not for long but getting longer at it every day. He much prefers to be sitting on the floor or the arm chair rather than his own seats at the moment.
He's almost mastered his hand to mouth coordination with his dummy, he just forgets to let go of the dummy once its actually in his mouth!
His teeth have been giving him quite a hard time but seemed to have settled down for now. He is beginning to cut his first one though, unfortunately he's cross cutting.
He's become much more relaxed around other people now. He only gets to see Grandad on Saturday and Sunday because he works away during the week so its taken that bit longer for L to get used to him but they are getting used to each other now.

As each month comes and goes I just feel so proud of my little boy, waking up to his smiling face every morning really makes any of the trying times worth while. Somedays I think I may actually burst from all the love I feel for him.

Loves his food!

Took a bit of effort but he finally got it into his mouth by himself!

This boy and that smile... xxx



  1. Aw he is gorgeous! What lovely big brown eyes. And I know the feeling with the water, it is probably bad but I have given up giving it to LL as she just spits it out constantly! x

    1. Thank you :) Yes I think I will for now too, at least until he can hold the bottle himself, he might be a bit more interested in it then xo


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