Friday, 29 November 2013

Maternity Leave Has Come To An End

So here it is, November 29th, the date I thought I would never see because 6 months seemed like such a long time away, it felt like it would never come around least of all this fast. So fast it feels like I've blinked in June and opened my eyes again in November.

I finished up in work on May 27th to begin my maternity leave, or my "baby holiday" I had naively called it, half jokingly! I really did envisage me having all this free time on my hands, yeah sure there would be a baby to look after but how time consuming would that be when they just eat and sleep most of the day?! How wrong was I eh?!

Of course we couldn't foresee the issue's we would have in finding the right formula, something which took us over 6 weeks, a lot of crying from our very unsettled baby and a trip to cranio to sort out, or the kidney infection that left our little boy hospitalised for days, or the aftermath of his somewhat traumatic birth in general, or the over whelming emotions I experienced after his birth. It took a while to find our feet with a routine after all of the above and for a while it felt like we no sooner did establish some kind of routine then something would come along and disrupt it. Before I knew it, it was November and only then were we settled nicely into our daily routine...typical.
Thank god for annual leave days, I've managed to take an extra month off of work which means I get to spend all of L's first Christmas with him, this of course, is great but the whole time my return to work date has been looming over me like a dark cloud.
My boss went out on maternity leave in January and she told just to put the thought of returning to work out of my head and enjoy my time with my little baby, I've tried my hardest to keep to that. However, sometimes when we are playing or having snuggles on the couch I find myself getting a bit upset that those moments will be few and far between once I go back to work. I will be returning to work on a full time basis at the moment, not by choice, but that's a whole other post! This means that I will be away from L from 8am - 6pm five days a week, it takes all my effort not to think about this daily because I am dreading all that time away from him.

For now though, I am concentrating on making my little boy's first Christmas the best ever, even though he won't remember it, I will plus there will be so many photo's he will be able to re live it in years to come :)

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  1. Louise he is just the cutest little fella ever. Hope you guys have the most amazing christmas with him. I can't wait to be seeing all the photographs. xxx

  2. Thanks hun :) Oh don't worry, I'm constantly snapping away at him, he's sick of the camera already! xo


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