Monday, 25 November 2013

My First Bug

So the last few days we've been dealing with a sick baby. This is my first experience of dealing with a "bug" since L was born and my poor mite was really shook from this tummy bug.
It was so horrible to see him so not himself, not eating as usual because that boy loves his food. We had many a pyjama change during the night these past few nights, some projectile vomiting and lots of half drank bottles left behind. It peaked on Saturday night when we had to ring South Doc at midnight, it really scared me to see him so poorly.
All through this though, he has been a trooper. He's been in such good form considering how sick he was and all he's wanted is cuddles which of course we don't mind giving.
When your child is sick is really does take it out of all of you though. Most of the past morning and afternoons were spent on the couch underneath our sick baby, the house work has been left to pile up and the washing was only folded today, 3 days after it was dried! Not to mention that I haven't been feeling great myself the last 24 hours but I'd happily take on this bug if it meant L no longer had to deal with it.

Now we are all on the mend, L slept better last night than he ever has and it's time to get back into our routine.

My poorly baby trying to sleep through it all

Chillin' out on Mum and Dad's bed after an eventful night


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