Thursday, 7 November 2013

Splash From The Bath Seat

I am so happy that Luke loves the bath. It was the one thing I really hoped would be something he would love even before he arrived into the world. In the haze of unknowing these last 21 weeks, and the 9 months leading up to the start of that time, the one thing I was sure of was a bedtime routine which was to include a bath. So I was delighted when he took to the bath like a duck to water. Well there has been a few times when he hasn't been impressed with the bath but very very few. It makes me happy to know that when we trot off upstairs to begin the night time routine that bath time is a pleasure. He really relaxes in there and loves having the water splashed over him.

So as with most tiny babies we started off with the quick baths where Dad would hold him and I would wash him down but as he got a bit bigger we were able to put him on a seat in the big bath.
If he could stay in there all night he would.

This was his first seat. We were lucky enough to be given not one but two of these (one for home and one for Nanny's). As soon as he was sturdy enough for it, it made bath time so much better. He was able to well and truly kick back and relax. It reclines so as he got bigger we were able to sit him up a bit more. It wasn't long though before his were hanging awkwardly over the end of it though and he would slouch right down.

So last week we upgraded to this:

It's a Swivel Seat from Safety First. I got it in Smyths for €14.99 reduced from €19.99. This has brought our bath times up to a whole new level!! It suctions on to the bottom of the bath and can turn 360 degrees. The little toy on the front keeps him entertained and I find it much easier to get his hair washed while sitting up right in this seat. The only down side to it at the moment is that he tends to slip down just a small bit so until he's a tiny bit bigger (which wont be long at the rate hes growing!) we just sit him on a face cloth.

Next up for my water baby...swimming lessons. To be honest this prospect scares, it's such a grown up thing but I'm on the look out for a baby swimsuit and will bring him along to the pool soon.


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