Friday, 31 January 2014

Me & Mine January

I'm very excited to be taking part in the Me & Mine family photo project series in 2014!
Pictures of the 3 of us are few and far between so this project is perfect for us. It gives us that extra nudge to get these family photo's happening more frequently. I'm really looking forward to looking back over the 12 photo's, one for each month, at the end of the year.

So here goes January:

This month saw a role reversal of sorts in our house hold. I returned to work and James took over more of the household side of things. We are lucky that between our shifts most days one of us is at home with Luke. My days at work leave very little time for much else and gives me 3 hours with Luke at most. We are slowly getting into a routine for the 4 days I'm at work and the 3 that I'm off.
As soon as I get in we have a bit of play time before he gets ready for bed. He's still getting used to seeing me with my glasses on when I come home! I really feel like those few hours on "work" days are snatched moments with my boy and really try to savour them. The poor little mite has been sick the last few days but he never fails to have a smile for his Mama when I get home.

This month Luke loves:  
  • Having his first 2 teeth cut through
  • A weekend in Nanny's where he had the undivided attention of his 3 cousins
  • Eating melon
This month Dad loves:
  • Spending some quality father / son time while Mum is at work
  • Clash of Clans (some game on his phone!)
  • Going back to football training
This month Mum loves:
  • Listening to the constant chatter from Luke 
  • Having hot cups of coffee
  • The return of Home and Away (although I have yet to watch it on the Sky planner!)


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cuskinny Nature Reserve

As my blog description says, I'm a wannabe photographer so am trying to grab every chance I have to take some pictures these days. There are so many beautiful surroundings in my locality that I take for granted so decided to look at these areas through the lens instead, for a different view.
This weekend just gone, I took a stroll by Cuskinny Nature Reserve which is not too far from my parents house, luckily the sun was shining and I managed to take some lovely photo's of this area that I pass by frequently but never really stop to look at.

Here's a selection of my photo's:


Monday, 20 January 2014

The Family Bed

"Oh you don't want to get into that habit!", "That's it now there's no getting them out" etc etc 2, amongst others, of phrases we would hear about having L in the bed with us.

Honestly I never even thought about it before he was born, I just assumed he would sleep when he was supposed to and in his cot...what was I thinking?! L is not the best sleeper although he's improving. Anyone who's read his monthly updates would see that I've mentioned a few times that since day 1 he's had a thing of waking between 4am and 5am and dozing on and off until we got him up between 7am and 8am. He was a very restless newborn in general. We got used to this but couldn't get used to or cope with the going in and out of is room every 20 mins or so to either give him the dummy or put him back on his side (will not sleep on his back!) so we just started bringing him in with us in those early hours and he would snuggle down and go off to sleep again for another few hours.
I personally don't see any negatives about co sleeping like this, in fact I came across this article  recently that put my mind at ease even more so.
However, before seeing that and because of the comments mentioned above I stressed out about this fact, I worried that we were doing more harm than good by having him in with us, that he would never get used to sleeping through in his own bed and we would never get a full nights sleep again! Well we are still waiting on the full nights sleep but I don't see any harm in him co sleeping with us for those few hours in the morning, in fact I love waking up to see him snuggled under his Daddy's arm in between us and the one recent night where he did stay in his own bed until he got up, I missed him being next to us! Now ideally with me being back at work and my alarm going off at 6.30am four mornings a week it would be better for L to stay in his own bed instead of being woken and disturbed with me getting up for work but obviously he just isn't ready for it yet.
Now we did try to change the situation and tried to get him to sleep in his own room until he got up but after a few nights of in and out for 3 or so hours we decided for the good of us all that he just continue to come in with us. So he does and we will let him for as long as he needs to, I know he'll get to the point eventually where he will stay in his own bed in his room all night but for now we are just going to enjoy those early morning snuggles and enjoy those precious moments of waking up to him beside us because I have no doubt that in years to come when he's a big boy we will relish those cuddly memories.

What do you think of co sleeping? is it something you do with your little ones?


Monday, 13 January 2014

7 Months

Another month has come and gone by, again so fast! It's becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the little guy as he's growing up so so quickly, far too quickly for my liking.

The 6th month saw L take huge steps towards moving himself about. He moves around in a full circle while sitting down now, he's very steady when sitting unattended but of course we still have the odd tip backwards. He got 2 walkers for Christmas,really nice wooden ones (will do a post on these soon!) and he loves nothing more than to stand up while holding on to the handle. He starts smiling, getting all excited and of course showing how strong he is. Of course we try not to let him over do it and tire out his little legs. Gone are the days of putting him on the bed and him staying still, we can't turn our back for 5 seconds and he's turned around the opposite way and on his belly or something like that! The crawling skill is almost completed, he's up on all fours but hasn't quite figured out how to move forward yet. It's so amazing to watch him learn this skill in particular, its such a huge step to wards independence for him.

As always, he loves his food! He gobbled down a big bowl of his Nanny's homemade stew yesterday, I thought I had gave him too much but no, he cleared the bowl! I'm really enjoying this part of him getting older, I love introducing new foods to him, giving me more options on what to make for him. I try my best to give him homemade but he also loves his jars of baby food, handy for when we are out and about. He's quite fond of the Organix rice cakes too. He's cut out his dinner time bottle now and his breakfast and lunch bottles have dropped to 4oz. I'd be mindful of the fact he still needs his milk but I can't force him either. He still takes 6oz going to bed and will have a 5oz during the night. We've many a discussion on whether to cut out the night bottle or not but I think we will let him take the lead on this one, he's started waking later for it so he will probable cut it out in his own time. We have started to give him the Hipp Organic Night time milk though at bedtime, it keeps him fuller that bit longer.

Sleeping was a bit of a problem for most of this month, but then he was teething and trying to master his crawling skill so it was to be expected. We had nights where he was waking almost every hour. However the last few nights have seen him settle down an awful lot and he was going 5 hours without waking and even then it was just to be put back on his side and the dummy. He's never slept on his back. Last night though we had a lovely surprise, he went to bed at 7.15pm as usual and didn't wake for his bottle until 5.30am...I couldn't quite believe the time! Not too sure how long this will last but he was in such better form this morning having had a better nights sleep last night. He's put himself into a good solid nap routine the last few weeks too. He will nap for 1 1/2 hours in the morning, around 10am and again in the afternoon, around 2.30/3pm only in the adults bed though! He likes to be snuggled up in our duvet with his Bear and dummy and he sleeps soundly for that time. We do have a video monitor so we can see him, as I would be wary of the duvet and him wriggling about but he doesn't seem to move once he's in there! If we are out and about he naps int he car but once we are out of it he wants to be looking around.

He is becoming a right little chatterbox too! He's repeating "ca ca ca" a lot so I'm hoping he'll turn that into "ma ma ma" soon!
The little buster is finding his 6-9 month clothes a bit of a tight fit, it won't be long before we have to get the 9-12 clothes out, but I do think this depends on the brand as well. I find some of the clothes from Tesco can be little smaller than expected for the age group. Debenhams seems to be the best fit, along with Lidl. L has a lovely pair of dungarees from Lidl and they are a lovely fit on him.

Wow looking back at this post, it would seem his 6th month was a very busy one for him. We are looking forward to watching him grow and learn even more throughout his 7th month :)

Growing so fast!

Our handsome little man xo


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Oh How My TV Has Changed

Long gone are the days of watching TV at my own leisure, channel hopping between the music channels was almost a hobby of mine. Relaxing down to watch the soaps when they are on is no longer much of an option, they are all series linked and waiting to be watched when I have a spare moment.
However, the TV is still on but these days it tends to stay on the kids channels, Baby TV to be percise. Luke loves it, well he has his favourites, when they aren't on he isn't too interested. It must be colourful, and chirpy with a few squeaks thrown in, sometimes a bit of dancing too impresses him.
So his telly favourites have now become mine, let me introduce you to them:

  • Charlie and the Numbers is his number 1 favourite. When he hears the start of the song for the numbers party, he can barely contain his excitement! It's quite entertaining to watch, although we discovered that number 10 isn't very nice, he wouldn't share his toys. I just know that he also loves when I sing along to the numbers song in my non existant singing voice too ;)
Charlie and number 9
  • Tulli is next up. This little guy is a snail who finds something new everyday and we have to figure out what it is. He's a funky purple dude and I think he's probably the cutest character on the channel. As soon as he comes on and I say, in a lovely high pitched screech, "It's Tulliiiiiiiiiiiiii" L looks at me, then the TV and waves his arms in excitement.
Look how cute this guy is!
  • Billy and Bam Bam are two furry furby type things. They aren't a favourite of mine but L loves to watch them jumping and playing around. 
Billy is the pink and Bam Bam is the blue
  • Egg Birds I don't quite get these guys, they are colourful egg shaped characters with feet, more like penguins. They don't have a catchy theme tune or much squeaking for that matter, but they are colourful. I didn't even notice them until I realised Luke would be playing or chattering away and then go quiet around the same time in the evenings and there he would be, glued to these Egg Birds, like mouth open, staring at the TV. I don't get it but clearly Luke does.
Maybe it's the first guy's hair that's so interesting?!

While he doesn't pay too much attention to the rest of what's on, for a while he really didn't like a programme called Tipa and Tupa, he would even cry when they came on. To be fair they kind of scare me too....

Do you let your children watch a bit of Baby TV? Or anything in particular? Do they have any favourite characters?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Goals For 2014

So, here it is, another year, another set of goals.
After our very big year last year where lots of big things happened, I've decided to concentrate on the slightly smaller goals in 2014, getting back into my hobbies and interests that have taken a bit of a back seat since Luke arrived. Of course I still have the usual suspects on my goal list too :)

So here they are, my 2014 goals:

  • I really want to take my photography hobby up a notch or two. Going back to work this week means I will have less time on my hands but want to take part in a few photography projects where I can. I'm most excited about joining in on the Me & Mine family portrait project. Check it out :) 
  • Reading - I used to be a big reader but that took a back seat once social media took over but I find a good book and a cuppa one of the most relaxations ever. So I'm going to compose a list of books I want to read and work my way through them. 
  • I've wanted to get into soap and candle making for a while now, I have manual and starter kit sitting in the spare room gathering dust since last year so want to get that out and give it a go this year. I used to do all those kinds of crafts when I was younger and really enjoyed them. 
  • I'm getting back on the healthy / get fit wagon. I was actually quite good for going to the gym and that before I was pregnant, so I know I can do it, I just need to get started! I wasn't in a rush to lose my "mummy tummy" straight away after Luke was born but now that maternity leave is over and we will shortly be in a new structured daily routine, its time to be strict with myself again. 
  • Visit a psychic medium, well actually I want to go back to a woman I went to before. I visited Annette Singleton in May 2012 and boy, was she incredibly accurate about the year ahead! But more than that, it was a very positive experience, focusing on the positives only. I was with her for about an hour and just found the whole session an eye opener but also a reflection on my inner self at the time. She's quite busy from what I can tell but will hopefully make an appointment with her again soon.
  • Family days out - Myself and the other half are going to make list of places nearby that we want to see and visit and when we have a day off together will take Luke out on some day trips. Its amazing whats right on your own door step. 
  • Cooking and Blogging are both things I want to improve on. Hopefully i can be a bit more regular with the blogging and really want to broaden my cooking skills. I'd like to think I could try out a new recipe a week, especially with Luke's eating tastes becoming more varied I want to make sure he gets a taste of everything!
So there they are, nothing too strenuous but at the same time important to me. They are things I "keep meaning to do" so this is the year I actually do them :)
What are your goals for 2014? I'd love to hear :)

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