Monday, 13 January 2014

7 Months

Another month has come and gone by, again so fast! It's becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the little guy as he's growing up so so quickly, far too quickly for my liking.

The 6th month saw L take huge steps towards moving himself about. He moves around in a full circle while sitting down now, he's very steady when sitting unattended but of course we still have the odd tip backwards. He got 2 walkers for Christmas,really nice wooden ones (will do a post on these soon!) and he loves nothing more than to stand up while holding on to the handle. He starts smiling, getting all excited and of course showing how strong he is. Of course we try not to let him over do it and tire out his little legs. Gone are the days of putting him on the bed and him staying still, we can't turn our back for 5 seconds and he's turned around the opposite way and on his belly or something like that! The crawling skill is almost completed, he's up on all fours but hasn't quite figured out how to move forward yet. It's so amazing to watch him learn this skill in particular, its such a huge step to wards independence for him.

As always, he loves his food! He gobbled down a big bowl of his Nanny's homemade stew yesterday, I thought I had gave him too much but no, he cleared the bowl! I'm really enjoying this part of him getting older, I love introducing new foods to him, giving me more options on what to make for him. I try my best to give him homemade but he also loves his jars of baby food, handy for when we are out and about. He's quite fond of the Organix rice cakes too. He's cut out his dinner time bottle now and his breakfast and lunch bottles have dropped to 4oz. I'd be mindful of the fact he still needs his milk but I can't force him either. He still takes 6oz going to bed and will have a 5oz during the night. We've many a discussion on whether to cut out the night bottle or not but I think we will let him take the lead on this one, he's started waking later for it so he will probable cut it out in his own time. We have started to give him the Hipp Organic Night time milk though at bedtime, it keeps him fuller that bit longer.

Sleeping was a bit of a problem for most of this month, but then he was teething and trying to master his crawling skill so it was to be expected. We had nights where he was waking almost every hour. However the last few nights have seen him settle down an awful lot and he was going 5 hours without waking and even then it was just to be put back on his side and the dummy. He's never slept on his back. Last night though we had a lovely surprise, he went to bed at 7.15pm as usual and didn't wake for his bottle until 5.30am...I couldn't quite believe the time! Not too sure how long this will last but he was in such better form this morning having had a better nights sleep last night. He's put himself into a good solid nap routine the last few weeks too. He will nap for 1 1/2 hours in the morning, around 10am and again in the afternoon, around 2.30/3pm only in the adults bed though! He likes to be snuggled up in our duvet with his Bear and dummy and he sleeps soundly for that time. We do have a video monitor so we can see him, as I would be wary of the duvet and him wriggling about but he doesn't seem to move once he's in there! If we are out and about he naps int he car but once we are out of it he wants to be looking around.

He is becoming a right little chatterbox too! He's repeating "ca ca ca" a lot so I'm hoping he'll turn that into "ma ma ma" soon!
The little buster is finding his 6-9 month clothes a bit of a tight fit, it won't be long before we have to get the 9-12 clothes out, but I do think this depends on the brand as well. I find some of the clothes from Tesco can be little smaller than expected for the age group. Debenhams seems to be the best fit, along with Lidl. L has a lovely pair of dungarees from Lidl and they are a lovely fit on him.

Wow looking back at this post, it would seem his 6th month was a very busy one for him. We are looking forward to watching him grow and learn even more throughout his 7th month :)

Growing so fast!

Our handsome little man xo



  1. Happy 7 months Luke! Won't be long now until you're running around after him! :) xo

    1. He's keeping me on my toes now, can't imagine what it'll be like when he's on his way of keeping fit I suppose! xo

  2. AWWWHH :) x So gorges, cant believe how grown up he is looking :) happy 7 month Luke xx

  3. Gorgeous boy! Happy 7 months, its amazing how quickly they change x

    1. Thanks Kate, very hard to keep up with all the changes this past month! xo

  4. Replies
    1. Aw thanks..I made him myself y'know?! hehe xo

  5. What a gorgeous little man he is, xx

  6. yes tesco clothes ARE too small! My daughter was born on the 6 june, so really close! I have followed you on instagram too, as well as here!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x


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