Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cuskinny Nature Reserve

As my blog description says, I'm a wannabe photographer so am trying to grab every chance I have to take some pictures these days. There are so many beautiful surroundings in my locality that I take for granted so decided to look at these areas through the lens instead, for a different view.
This weekend just gone, I took a stroll by Cuskinny Nature Reserve which is not too far from my parents house, luckily the sun was shining and I managed to take some lovely photo's of this area that I pass by frequently but never really stop to look at.

Here's a selection of my photo's:



  1. This place looks gorgeous!! Dead relaxing xx

    1. Yes it is, drive past it most days but never really stop to enjoy it anymore. Used to hang out down there as kids though :) xo

  2. Beautiful photos, would love you to come and link this post up to #AllAboutYou over on my blog

  3. How stunning, beautiful pictures. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou - hope that you can come back and share again this Tuesday, we're live across Mother.Wife.Me, City Girl at Heart and me as well.


  4. Thank you and will hopefully get to join in again this week! I've been struck under a sick baby all weekend so am behind on everything but love the link! xo

  5. Some beautiful photos. Looking forward to seeing more over the year.


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