Friday, 3 January 2014

Goals For 2014

So, here it is, another year, another set of goals.
After our very big year last year where lots of big things happened, I've decided to concentrate on the slightly smaller goals in 2014, getting back into my hobbies and interests that have taken a bit of a back seat since Luke arrived. Of course I still have the usual suspects on my goal list too :)

So here they are, my 2014 goals:

  • I really want to take my photography hobby up a notch or two. Going back to work this week means I will have less time on my hands but want to take part in a few photography projects where I can. I'm most excited about joining in on the Me & Mine family portrait project. Check it out :) 
  • Reading - I used to be a big reader but that took a back seat once social media took over but I find a good book and a cuppa one of the most relaxations ever. So I'm going to compose a list of books I want to read and work my way through them. 
  • I've wanted to get into soap and candle making for a while now, I have manual and starter kit sitting in the spare room gathering dust since last year so want to get that out and give it a go this year. I used to do all those kinds of crafts when I was younger and really enjoyed them. 
  • I'm getting back on the healthy / get fit wagon. I was actually quite good for going to the gym and that before I was pregnant, so I know I can do it, I just need to get started! I wasn't in a rush to lose my "mummy tummy" straight away after Luke was born but now that maternity leave is over and we will shortly be in a new structured daily routine, its time to be strict with myself again. 
  • Visit a psychic medium, well actually I want to go back to a woman I went to before. I visited Annette Singleton in May 2012 and boy, was she incredibly accurate about the year ahead! But more than that, it was a very positive experience, focusing on the positives only. I was with her for about an hour and just found the whole session an eye opener but also a reflection on my inner self at the time. She's quite busy from what I can tell but will hopefully make an appointment with her again soon.
  • Family days out - Myself and the other half are going to make list of places nearby that we want to see and visit and when we have a day off together will take Luke out on some day trips. Its amazing whats right on your own door step. 
  • Cooking and Blogging are both things I want to improve on. Hopefully i can be a bit more regular with the blogging and really want to broaden my cooking skills. I'd like to think I could try out a new recipe a week, especially with Luke's eating tastes becoming more varied I want to make sure he gets a taste of everything!
So there they are, nothing too strenuous but at the same time important to me. They are things I "keep meaning to do" so this is the year I actually do them :)
What are your goals for 2014? I'd love to hear :)



  1. Those sound like great goals Louise! I know how hard it is to find time for your hobbies when you're a new mother. Looking forward to seeing your Me&Mine portrait every month :)

  2. Thanks Fiona :) i'm looking forward to setting aside some "me" time this year, even if it just an hour or so at a time xo

  3. Some achievable ones there - hope you manage to achieve some or all of them! My NY goals revolve around drinking slightly less gin and only wearing pants for two days in a row or less.. LMAO! :) x

  4. Haha let me know how that goes! I always aim for a little less wine consumption every year but if anything it increases...all we can do id try eh?! :) xo

  5. Best wishes with your goals. I look forward to seeing some of those photos.


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