Thursday, 9 January 2014

Oh How My TV Has Changed

Long gone are the days of watching TV at my own leisure, channel hopping between the music channels was almost a hobby of mine. Relaxing down to watch the soaps when they are on is no longer much of an option, they are all series linked and waiting to be watched when I have a spare moment.
However, the TV is still on but these days it tends to stay on the kids channels, Baby TV to be percise. Luke loves it, well he has his favourites, when they aren't on he isn't too interested. It must be colourful, and chirpy with a few squeaks thrown in, sometimes a bit of dancing too impresses him.
So his telly favourites have now become mine, let me introduce you to them:

  • Charlie and the Numbers is his number 1 favourite. When he hears the start of the song for the numbers party, he can barely contain his excitement! It's quite entertaining to watch, although we discovered that number 10 isn't very nice, he wouldn't share his toys. I just know that he also loves when I sing along to the numbers song in my non existant singing voice too ;)
Charlie and number 9
  • Tulli is next up. This little guy is a snail who finds something new everyday and we have to figure out what it is. He's a funky purple dude and I think he's probably the cutest character on the channel. As soon as he comes on and I say, in a lovely high pitched screech, "It's Tulliiiiiiiiiiiiii" L looks at me, then the TV and waves his arms in excitement.
Look how cute this guy is!
  • Billy and Bam Bam are two furry furby type things. They aren't a favourite of mine but L loves to watch them jumping and playing around. 
Billy is the pink and Bam Bam is the blue
  • Egg Birds I don't quite get these guys, they are colourful egg shaped characters with feet, more like penguins. They don't have a catchy theme tune or much squeaking for that matter, but they are colourful. I didn't even notice them until I realised Luke would be playing or chattering away and then go quiet around the same time in the evenings and there he would be, glued to these Egg Birds, like mouth open, staring at the TV. I don't get it but clearly Luke does.
Maybe it's the first guy's hair that's so interesting?!

While he doesn't pay too much attention to the rest of what's on, for a while he really didn't like a programme called Tipa and Tupa, he would even cry when they came on. To be fair they kind of scare me too....

Do you let your children watch a bit of Baby TV? Or anything in particular? Do they have any favourite characters?


  1. My kids have watched far more tv than I can possibly admit to. But I did find it was a huge adjustment for me, watching these inane people jumping around and not even looking embarrassed about it. I couldn't believe people would actually have to admit to doing that for their jobs. (Looks like Tipa and Tupa might be that sort.) The cartoons are comparatively nice, really.

    Do you see Pocoyo? We love Pocoyo - v. cute.

  2. Oh me too, but its a great distraction when I'm here on my own and need to get myself together, Charlie and the numbers has been my saviour that way!! I'm not too sure if we have seen Pocoyo but keep an eye out for it :)

  3. Wait till you get on to the good stuff like Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins - I get kind of sucked in myself :)

    1. Oh I've heard of Doc McStuffins already - looking forward to advancing to those programs once L is older ;) Hard not to get sucked in, the Charlie and the Numbers theme tune is in my head constantly!

  4. I don't actually know any of these ones! Our favourites at the moment are Peppa Pig, Tree Fu Tom, Care Bears, and actually pretty much anything on Cbeebies! ;) x

    1. I'd say once L is a bit older he will watch Cbeebies, I hope so because I used to always watch BBC as a child, Playdays was my favourite! :)

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