Friday, 28 February 2014

Me & Mine February

I'm a little late this month, we've spent most of today with some of the OH's family where I was asked to be my future sister in laws bridesmaid! I'm so excited and delighted she asked me, a nice end to February :)
Well this month has been hectic! I feel like we've had something on every weekend. Once Luke got over his cough and cold we were out and about quite a bit. Luke enjoyed his first Valentines, he was a very handsome little man that morning. We've well and truly settled into the work / home life routine since the start of January and Luke has been spending a bit more time with his Nanny as mine and the OH's hours have clashed but its ok because Luke is spoiled by his Nanny and Grandad so he doesn't mind! Me and the OH managed a night out with friends this month which was good, let our hair down a bit. We also went to view a potential wedding venue this month which was very exciting as it was our first one.
I'm looking forward to March being a slightly quieter month and enjoying some down time with my 2 boys.
Here's us in February:

This month Luke loves:

  • His hairbrush
  • Being able to pull himself up on the furniture
  • Toast
This month Dad loves:
  • Wedding venue spotting
  • Starting his management training at work
  • Catching up with his programmes on the Sky planner
This month Mum loves:
  • Wedding venue spotting too
  • Detox water
  • Not being able to take my eyes off Luke because he's seriously on the move and fast!

Monday, 17 February 2014

8 Months

A little late with this month's update but it's been quite hectic here!

So what's new with L:

This little divil is on the move for sure! He's almost mastered crawling, another few days of practicing and I reckon he'll have it. He wants to be on his feet all of the time now, holding our hands and he walks in front of us. He's also beginning to pull himself up on the furniture now, in the bath, in his cot, in the living room, nothing is safe from him! He also flings himself about climbing all over us, really cannot turn our backs for a second.
He's well into his stash of 9-12 months clothes now, still wearing 6-9 months but they are fast being added to the "too small" pile. He will not keep any kind if shoes on him so have given up for now.
His appetite is huge as always, he's starting to eat a lot more of our food, things like toast, eggs, sausages. We don't have to blend up the food as much anymore either, he loves the texture of it just being mashed by hand. His started to take a few more drinks other than milk which is great. We started him on some polish baby tea that was recommended to me by Fiona over at and he's grown to like it. He has this tea during the night now instead of milk, sometimes he takes it other times he won't but it's a lot better than he used to be drinking fluids.  He has two 5oz bottles during the day now and a 6oz bottle going to bed.
We experienced some illness in this month. L ended up with a chest infection and was on an inhaler and antibiotics, it really knocked the socks off him actually. He was so down in the dumps for about a week, he seemed so helpless. We had 3 days just on the couch sleeping on and off. This played havoc with his bedtime and sleeping at night too but he's over it now and is starting to return to a better sleeping pattern at night.
We have 2 teeth!! This is really exciting. For all the pain he's had with teething it's great to see them start shooting up.
His chatter has kicked up another notch now too, he's saying "dadada" and "mamama" but only calls me when he's upset, although I'm sure he hasn't yet associated the names with us. He's also learning the words "No" and "Stop" - he doesn't like to hear these words very much though as you'd expect!
After being on antibiotics and calpol / nurofen while he was sick, I wanted to use something more natural for pain relief particularly for teething, something that would work with his own system. So have been trying out some homeopathic remedies for him instead and to be honest I find them so much better than paracetamol etc. We are currently using pulsatilla which is suited to L's personality at the moment, will do a proper write up on this soon.
He's getting bigger and more handsome every month but this month I've really seen some big changes in his appearance now, a few people have commented that he looks like me a bit more but he's still mostly all his Dad! He's becoming a right little man. Playtime is becoming more interactive, he wants to engage much more and we have a little game of peek a boo or rolling the ball to each other. He's not as interested in the TV as much as he used to be, that's a good thing I suppose!

Before I know it it'll be time for the 9 month update, oh my, time slow down just a little bit please!! :)


Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day

*Warning: Totally soppy post below*

This post is dedicated to my wonderful other half for all the lovely things he does for me and for making me realise what real love is :)

Love is:

Having the fire lighting when I get in from work in this horrible cold weather.
Listening to me say I bought the wrong deodorant and coming home that night with the one I always use.
Lighting my candles around the house for me even though he usually doesn't like the scent!
Buying me flowers for no other reason other than he wants to.
Giving me his shoes at the end of a night out when my heels are killing me..even though it's raining!
Putting my pj's on the radiator to warm for after my shower
Listening to me rant and moan but not agreeing with me just for the sake of it. He points out where I may be unreasonable in a nice way.
Being the subject of my many camera practices and projects even though he'd rather just be left to watch Smallville / play Fifa / chill out in peace!
Rewatching an epsiode of Criminal Minds because I may have fallen asleep when we watched it first time around.
Rubbing my hair for ages because I just love when someone does that to me!
Bringing the washing baskets down without even being asked (that's as far as he's allowed to go with the whole washing process though, I'm far too fussy for him to actually do the washing although he would if he had to).
Going downstairs after we've settled down in bed because I may have forgotten to bring up a drink.
Putting up with my slightly OCD ways and thinking.

I really could go on with this list because each day he surprises me even more with his kind, thoughtful ways. He has shown me what it really is to be in love with someone and be willing to get through anything with no matter how hard it may seem and not give up. He's shown me that we can have mutual respect for each other while having our own individual thoughts and views on things. He makes the simplest of things the mot enjoyable. More than anything he's an awesome Dad to our lovely little boy, I really couldn't ask for anything more.
I feel extremely lucky to have found my forever Valentine this early on in life and I can't wait to spend the rest of my Valentines Day's with him :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone :) xo


Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Working Mum's Routine

I've been meaning to write this post sooner but the whole working mum routine is really jam packed and I've struggled to find down time some weeks.
However here's a quick update on how I'm finding things since I returned to work on January 2nd 2014.

As some might know I was able to reduce my week from a 5 day to a 4 day working week, I fought a bit to get this and for now it's working out. I'm still working 34 hours a week. I have come across a lot of comments like "Sure it's only an extra day, what's the difference?". It may seem like just an extra day to some but to me and I'm sure a lot of working mothers, that extra day means a lot! It's a chance for me to catch up on house stuff, personal stuff but most importantly it's an extra day with L. That means more to me than anything. Our time Monday - Thursday is so little that I cherish all the time I can get with him on my 3 days off. The extra day gives me a chance to attend any appointments necessary with L, I would try my best to schedule anything like that for my day off. It also means less juggling around in terms of child minding.

I know I'm extremely lucky compared to some that at the moment I do not have to pay creche fee's (honestly it's not something we could afford anyway) or worry about getting us out of the house on time. I can leave L with his Daddy in the mornings to go about his usual routine. My OH works shift work and so far his employers have been quite understanding so he generally works the days I'm off, or would start later in the afternoon which means a day or 2 here and there either my sister or mother would come in and sit with L for the 2 or 3 hours until I'm home. Nanny Neenaw (as she has been renamed!) has only had to step in for 2 full days of minding L so far. On one occasion the OH and I both had early starts so L stayed in Nanny's the night before which is a great help as well as a massive favor in allowing us to catch a full nights sleep the odd time.

I leave the house around 8.15am and I'm home again by 6pm. It's a long day to be away from L but it has to be done. I get about half an hour with him in the morning and depending on his form when I get home, I get about an hour and a half before he goes to bed. He's generally in bed by 7.20pm every night. Thankfully I get to bath him and put him to bed every night, I cherish those moments with him. I'll sit and have an extra long cuddle with him in his room on these nights.

Most evenings during the week I would be on my own as the OH is working or has football training so I spend them catching up on house work, prepping meals for L and making some attempt to get an early night. L still wakes during the night, quite a lot recently too due to sickness and teething so on the 4 nights where I have to get up early for work the next day, the OH will look after L during the night and get up with him in the morning. We swap this around then on the days I am off.

 It does feel good to be back out in the working world after maternity leave as it gives me a sense of myself outside of the "mother" role, maybe a 3 day week would be a bit better though but for now we're managing ok with the above set up.
I do feel a certain amount of guilt leaving L for so long, (but I am one of those annoying people that have a picture of their children their desk and desk top back ground so he's never far from my sight in some way! )I'd hate for him to feel like I'm not around enough but I know that if I was in position to be at home with him for these first couple of years than I would be but for now we do what we have to do to provide for our little family.

Have you returned to work recently after maternity leave? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)


Monday, 3 February 2014

Bottle Vs Breast

I've tossed the idea around a lot recently about writing a post on the whole bottle vs breast feeding argument but wasn't quite sure how or when to do it! I find there is such a stigma around this whole debate and since becoming a Mum myself I never realised how intense this subject was.
However I came across this picture on Facebook recently that kind of summed it all up for me:

Now let me start by saying, I bottle fed my little boy, still am. We trialed a few different forms of formula before finally finding one that suited him and that was that. I went into the whole feeding situation very open minded and when asked by the midwives in my check up's would I be breast feeding, I said yes, I would most definitely be giving it a try. That's as much as I thought about it really, I didn't allow myself to be put under any pressure over this. While I fully understand that breast milk is what's best for baby, I'm also aware that me, my sister, my niece's etc were brought up on formula and there were no issues. I was also aware of the fact that complications may arise, baby might not take to the breast, I might not be able to feed etc, I wasn't going to beat myself up over it. I know there are benefits for mum as well as baby. The one thing I did worry about slightly was colic, I'd heard such horror stories about babies with colic who were on formula. However I have come to realise that while it may be true, formula fed babies may be more prone to colic, I also came to see that breast fed babies could also develop it. 
While I don't feel I need to justify my reasons for bottle feeding my baby, some people sure as hell try and make you feel like you should! I've encountered the disapproving tone and looks, the somewhat superior attitude of parents who have or are breast feeding, but not one of them would have asked me why I decided not to breast feed, it seems they'd rather assume I just couldn't be bothered or for the convenience etc. For a very short while I would begin to justify why I wasn't breast feeding when I was asked how I was feeding my baby but then stopped myself, there is no need for me to defend my actions on this matter, nor should there be for anyone else. It's an extremely personal choice. I most certainly wouldn't turn around to someone who was breast feeding with disappointment just because it was something I wasn't doing. I would never expect a parent to feel they have to justify their decisions to me on how they feed their baby either. 
In my own personal experience, I witnessed this "disapproving" attitude in the hospital, from the midwives. Once I'd made my decision to bottle feed, they completely backed off from me for the rest of my time there except for lovely midwife who for the life of me, I can't remember her name but she was one of the very few who didn't make me feel like I was being judged. 

There are so many different reasons as to why a mother would chose to bottle feed over breast feed and I think much more consideration should be taken when discussing this issue, whether they wish to divulge their reason's or not, there should be as much respect for the mother who bottle feeds her baby as there is for the mother who breast feeds. 
So really, to me, as it says above, I don't care if you bottle or breast feed our baby, as long as you doing what you think is best and with love for your baby and yourself then I fully support you.

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