Monday, 17 February 2014

8 Months

A little late with this month's update but it's been quite hectic here!

So what's new with L:

This little divil is on the move for sure! He's almost mastered crawling, another few days of practicing and I reckon he'll have it. He wants to be on his feet all of the time now, holding our hands and he walks in front of us. He's also beginning to pull himself up on the furniture now, in the bath, in his cot, in the living room, nothing is safe from him! He also flings himself about climbing all over us, really cannot turn our backs for a second.
He's well into his stash of 9-12 months clothes now, still wearing 6-9 months but they are fast being added to the "too small" pile. He will not keep any kind if shoes on him so have given up for now.
His appetite is huge as always, he's starting to eat a lot more of our food, things like toast, eggs, sausages. We don't have to blend up the food as much anymore either, he loves the texture of it just being mashed by hand. His started to take a few more drinks other than milk which is great. We started him on some polish baby tea that was recommended to me by Fiona over at and he's grown to like it. He has this tea during the night now instead of milk, sometimes he takes it other times he won't but it's a lot better than he used to be drinking fluids.  He has two 5oz bottles during the day now and a 6oz bottle going to bed.
We experienced some illness in this month. L ended up with a chest infection and was on an inhaler and antibiotics, it really knocked the socks off him actually. He was so down in the dumps for about a week, he seemed so helpless. We had 3 days just on the couch sleeping on and off. This played havoc with his bedtime and sleeping at night too but he's over it now and is starting to return to a better sleeping pattern at night.
We have 2 teeth!! This is really exciting. For all the pain he's had with teething it's great to see them start shooting up.
His chatter has kicked up another notch now too, he's saying "dadada" and "mamama" but only calls me when he's upset, although I'm sure he hasn't yet associated the names with us. He's also learning the words "No" and "Stop" - he doesn't like to hear these words very much though as you'd expect!
After being on antibiotics and calpol / nurofen while he was sick, I wanted to use something more natural for pain relief particularly for teething, something that would work with his own system. So have been trying out some homeopathic remedies for him instead and to be honest I find them so much better than paracetamol etc. We are currently using pulsatilla which is suited to L's personality at the moment, will do a proper write up on this soon.
He's getting bigger and more handsome every month but this month I've really seen some big changes in his appearance now, a few people have commented that he looks like me a bit more but he's still mostly all his Dad! He's becoming a right little man. Playtime is becoming more interactive, he wants to engage much more and we have a little game of peek a boo or rolling the ball to each other. He's not as interested in the TV as much as he used to be, that's a good thing I suppose!

Before I know it it'll be time for the 9 month update, oh my, time slow down just a little bit please!! :)



  1. I have one who's 6 months and every time I read about a baby just a little bit older it amazes me how quickly they grow and learn in the first year. Nice update.

    1. Thank you :) I know, an age gap that won't make any difference when they are older seems so huge when they are this young! xo


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