Friday, 28 February 2014

Me & Mine February

I'm a little late this month, we've spent most of today with some of the OH's family where I was asked to be my future sister in laws bridesmaid! I'm so excited and delighted she asked me, a nice end to February :)
Well this month has been hectic! I feel like we've had something on every weekend. Once Luke got over his cough and cold we were out and about quite a bit. Luke enjoyed his first Valentines, he was a very handsome little man that morning. We've well and truly settled into the work / home life routine since the start of January and Luke has been spending a bit more time with his Nanny as mine and the OH's hours have clashed but its ok because Luke is spoiled by his Nanny and Grandad so he doesn't mind! Me and the OH managed a night out with friends this month which was good, let our hair down a bit. We also went to view a potential wedding venue this month which was very exciting as it was our first one.
I'm looking forward to March being a slightly quieter month and enjoying some down time with my 2 boys.
Here's us in February:

This month Luke loves:

  • His hairbrush
  • Being able to pull himself up on the furniture
  • Toast
This month Dad loves:
  • Wedding venue spotting
  • Starting his management training at work
  • Catching up with his programmes on the Sky planner
This month Mum loves:
  • Wedding venue spotting too
  • Detox water
  • Not being able to take my eyes off Luke because he's seriously on the move and fast!


  1. Oh wedding venue spotting sounds wonderful! I loved looking around venues when I was planning my wedding. And congratulations on being asked to be bridesmaid for your future sister in law.
    Lovely family photos x

    1. Thank you :) We are all buzzing with wedding fever around here xo

  2. These photos are so lovely!!! Certainly sounds like you've been busy. Wedding venue hunting sounds VERY exciting indeed. x

  3. Oh you're such a cute family! Lovely photos x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Here's to a chilled out and happy March :)

    1. Thank you April, looking forward to some chill out time :) xo

  5. Lovely photos and sounds like a busy month. How exciting to be wedding venue hunting, I wish I could get married again I loved doing it so much! ;) x

    1. Thank you :) It's a good misture of excitement and stress this wedding business ;) xo

  6. Definitely sounds like a great month; and so many exciting things to look forward to in the months to come!

  7. Woo hoo! I loved being a bridesmaid! In fact I waited until I was 28 and then was asked 3 times in one year! Must let you have the post about my sister's hen party! Lovely family shots xx


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