Tuesday, 11 March 2014

9 Months

Every month seems to go by fast but this time it went by super fast! It's been a blur of sleepless nights and a clingy little boy. I read about how babies suffer from separation anxiety between 7 and 9 months which effects sleeping, eating etc and I definitely think Luke was going through this. The poor little mite couldn't even deal with us leaving the room to go to the room next door, be more than a few feet away at any time and basically just wanted to be up in arms all the time. I also read this can last for months, thankfully it was only a couple of weeks and he's back to his normal chirpy self. Still not sleeping great at night though!
He is flying it with the moving about by himself, all he wants is to be on his feet! He holds on to anything now, coffee table, drawers, chairs, his high chair..anything that allows him to stand up and bounce on his feet. He's even getting brave now and letting go and only holding on with one hand, for a second or 2 he might even let go with both hands. The stairgate's are next to go up along with the nursery fireguard.
He's still a hungry little grubber! He eats almost everything we give him to try. Bottles are still the same, 5oz with breakfast, 5oz with lunch and 6oz going to bed. He's been having a drink during the night but we are going to try and cut that out now too because most of the time he only takes an ounce or two.
I've just finished putting all of his 9-12 month clothes in his drawers but the 6-9 months clothes are still fitting him for another week or so.
We've tried just about everything to help him sleep better at night but he just isn't. I'm not sure if its sleep regression or bad habits or what but it's something we are always working on to try and improve. It is frustrating because he has a solid bedtime routine, a full belly, proper wind down time, nice warm bath and he goes into bed awake after his bottle and has no trouble putting himself to sleep after I leave the room (he does have a dummy and his Bear). He's usually ok from 7.30pm to midnight but from then on we could be in and out every hour until he comes in with us. I know the dummy is a major part of the problem because it's that we are going to find every time he wakes, sometimes its right next to him, other times he flings it across the room! In the last week or so we've gone in during the night and he's actually holding his dummy but wants us to put it in his mouth..he's really having a laugh at our expense! So it's something we will work on.
As with every month he is becoming so much more independent, I love watching him try new things for the first time. He's also become so much more affectionate. He's started to snuggle in my neck or chest just to have a cuddle, not because he's tired or upset but simply to have a cuddle with Mum or Dad, he gets up and moves on again afterwards. I love these moments, I could snuggle him all day if he wanted.
He's a right little chatter box now too, there's lots of "baba", "dada", "bubbub". It's so cute to watch him having these little chats.

We also had our 9 month developmental check up with the public health nurse. I'm not too fond of these appointments because I find them to be quite judgemental and hear a lot of "You shouldn't be doing that...". We were also given wrong advice when he was first born from a PHN so my faith in them isn't strong. Our last check up at 12 weeks was rushed and she really didn't seem interested in answering any of our questions. Thankfully this time it was different. We had a new PHN and she was lovely, really took time to discuss things with us and interacted well with Luke. Overall she was quite pleased with him particularly his strength and ability to stand. However as expected she did comment on his weight, he's not over weight but in the high end of his range. She advised that we watch his sugar intake, to cut out all of the baby desserts he might have and give him fresh fruit puree with natural yoghurt. With diabetes on both sides of the family it's something we will monitor carefully. Luke seems to love his savoury foods much more than sweet so hopefully it won't be an issue. He weighs 23pounds and is 73cm in length.

So another month of change is ahead, hopefully this one won't flash before my eyes like the last month and hopefully, like I really hope that this month may see him settle down a bit more at night and start to sleep for longer stretches...one can only hope right?! ;)

Also this month I managed to capture this lovely picture of my 2 boys and just had to share it xx



  1. That picture of him is gorgeous Louise! Ah never mind those PHNs, T was nearly 19lbs at his 9 month check up and she was saying he was the biggest baby they had seen all day! They always seem so quick to point out the negative and not the positive. Luke is an adorable, string and healthy boy, you're doing a fab job with him xo

    1. Thanks Fiona :) I hate that they are starting to give a complex about weight at such a young age! xo

  2. Sure with a smile like that and all his cuddles you're both doing a fine job! He's gorgeous.....


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