Monday, 14 April 2014

10 Months

And we are into double figures! Luke turned 10 months old on Saturday, we are a little late with this month's update as we both spent the weekend smothered with head colds and coughs and sore throats and teething for poor Luke.
As always a busy month in the life of Luke! His personality is really starting to shine through now. He fully understands the word "No" now. He knows when we say it that he's doing something he shouldn't be doing and it will take a few tries but he generally stops whatever it is, unless of course, it's Nanny's coffee table, he just loves making a mess of all of her "papers" or "organised mess" as she likes to call it! Discipline has been introduced (nothing barbaric I promise!) but simple things like if he won't sit down in the bath and keeps standing up despite plenty of warnings then we just say"If you can't down in the bath then you will have to come out". He's beginning to test us a little too so we try not to give in to his screams of temper, not that they happen very often but he soon gets over it. He's becoming quite brave now too, he ventures around the house much more, holding on to whatever he can to transport himself. He's much nosier too the divil! He want's to know whats behind every cupboard door and in every drawer. At the moment he loves getting into the saucepan drawer and making as much noise as possible. The fireguard and stairgates have been purchased / given and up or in the process of going up.
A top tooth has broken through along with a bottom and another 2 will be through shortly I'd say.
I'm thinking that we will soon be dropping his lunch time bottle. So that will leave just his breakfast one and bedtime one. He's drinking more water too which is great but he much prefers it if it is coming from one of our glasses! His appetite has decreased slightly this month but I think that has more to do with teething.
His 9-12 month clothes seem to be fitting him better and for longer which is good because he was flying through his clothes not so long ago. Anything we buy now is 12 - 18months plus so we'll be ready for the next growth spurt!
He will now happily give you a kiss if you ask for one, a dribbly open mouthed kiss but I love them anyway! He also claps his hands if you do it too.
Sleep has improved over the last week or so, the hourly waking has stopped (for now) and he might only wake twice maybe three times which is ok. We can cope with that but the constant up and down, in and out to his room was really starting to take its toll on us.
Since the clocks went forward too he's been going to bed about an hour later which seems to work better for him. It means I also get some extra time with him in the evenings after work. With the sunny evenings at the moment it also means we get to take him out for a walk too and fresh air does everybody the world of good.
He's in his group 1 car seat now, forward facing and he loves it. He loves looking out of the car window, makes car journeys much more enjoyable for him. Between my car, Dad's car and Nan's car we have 3 new car seats! His cot has been lowered too as I was scared he would launch himself over the side of it. This has lead to a whole new world of problems though because he now pulls himself up to stand in the cot, even when he's in his sleep bag and then can't figure out how to get back down to his pillow!
He naps in his cot more than he did before but its touch and go, sometimes he settles there, other times he doesn't.
I really feel like he'll be walking before his first birthday so we are looking forward to another month of on the move :)

It's all about the hand clapping :)


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  1. Reading this made me remember my son when he is this age! He is ao adorable =) #TMNB


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