Monday, 12 May 2014

11 Months

I'm not going to lie, as I begin to write this post I have a lump in my throat and some water filling up my eyes at the thought that my little boy is now 11 months old, that's just one month away from being a whole year old! As always the time has gone by so fast but the next milestone of the first birthday is coming far too fast for me. This will be our last month saying his age in exactly that, months.
Each day I see this little person becoming so much more independent, so much more grown up, so much more cuter (if that's even possible!), his very own personality developing right before my eyes. As I watch him meeting milestone after milestone I feel like I could burst with pride, every day he amazes me. Every night when I put him to bed, giving him a kiss on the head I still can't quite believe that this little bundle of wonderfulness is mine, I could just burst with overwhelming love for him.

At 11 months old, we have a walker! Yes there is no stopping this kid, he started taking a few steps here and there around 10 months and 2 weeks but over the last few days he has just taken off. He hasn't quite mastered standing up by himself yet but once he pulls himself up on something, he just goes for it, he toddles towards us or after us, he looks like a right old man when he's pottering around.
With all this movement I think he's lost a little bit of weight, he's definitely got taller anyway. He's 80cm now, which is quite tall for his age. His 9-12 months clothes fit him perfectly now, it's probably the age group we'll get the longest wear out of, he grew out of his other clothes so fast.
He has 7 teeth! They pretty much popped up one after the other, no wonder he wasn't sleeping for so long, it was pretty full on.
Speaking of sleep, Luke has finally figured it out! I'm not sure how or why now but I'm not going to complain. We've had one full night's sleep form him where he's gone to bed at 7.40pm and not woken until about 7.30am, he also did this for his Nanny on a recent sleep over. Other than that he's been going to bed between 7.30pm and 8pm and we might not hear a peep until 5am when he would either come in with us or go back off to sleep in his own bed for another couple of hours. This is such an improvement on his hourly waking throughout the night. He has recently had croup and is now on an antibiotic for a chesty cough he just hasn't been able to shift so this has interfered with his sleep a bit but we can cope with this.
He's having "big boy" lunches these days as I call them. He likes to have a sandwich for lunch with some ham or cheese, we've yet to try some other fillings but we will. I use one slice of bread to make the sandwich and then cut into 4 fingers and he happily sits in his Daddy's chair with a cloth over him, with some Baby TV on and munch away on his sandwich, he sits there until it's all gone too and he doesn't waste a crumb! I gave him some Organix snack type crisps but he wasn't too interested in them once he had his sandwich. He has homemade fruit puree with natural yoghurt afterwards. I don't think I've seen anything as cute as him thoroughly enjoying his sandwich. He's still drinking his water which is a relief.
Afternoon naps have ceased for now but he still has about 2 hours in the morning. These naps seem to be enough to set him up for the rest of the day.
He loves showing us affection at the moment too. He'll lay his head on our shoulders or on our laps, it's super cute and I love these little quiet moments. He now waves bye and winks, which is very funny because he uses both eyes at the same time to do it. He's saying "Mumum" a lot more now too.
As always my boy has been keeping me on my toes and as much as I'd love to pause time for this month and still think of him in terms of "months" we are also busily planning the best first birthday bash ever! (There is going to be soooo many tears on June 12th, from me obvs!)

My little sleepyhead xx

Yum yum



  1. Sweet photos - savour every moment, only feels like yesterday that I was giving my first born finger food lunches and she is now 16 and leaving school in three weeks time!

    1. Oh my I can't imagine having a teenager! hehe

  2. Aw he is gorgeous and I got very emotional at 11 months too. I can't believe he is walking, LL still isn't and she is 15 months! ;) x

    1. The faster we approach the big 1 the more emotional I'm getting, I am definitely going to be one of those embarrassing crying mums! I knew from early on he would be an early walker, he was constantly trying to be on the move on his legs, thankfully it seems to tire him out and now he sleeps at night yay!! :) LL will take off all of a sudden and there'll be no stopping her then :) xo


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