Thursday, 1 May 2014

Me & Mine April

 Where on earth did April go?! The last week of this month just went by in a blur. It's been hectic here with work and home life. I'm a day late with my post because I was hit with the worst toothache ever yesterday, this resulted in the tooth being taken out today so hopefully that's the end of it. Luke has picked up a nasty cough and cold in the last week or so so the poor little mite is off to the doctors tomorrow.
Apart form all that April has been busy, jam packed with days out as a family as well as with friends. We celebrated Luke's first Easter, he had his first trip to Fota Wildlife Park to see the animals, his first trip to the beach, he had some playdates with his baby friends among other such things.
I feel like April was all about family time, we managed to squeeze in a lot of it and hopefully May will be the same.
The work / home life balance has been good this month however I am due back to work on a 5 day week for the Summer as we are busy so need to get as much quality time in with the boys as I can before then.
Our family portrait was taken on a day out to the beach by my 11 year old niece. They are a bit off centre but I think it just adds to naturalness of the pictures, I really like this month's photo's:

This Month Luke loves:

  • Sleeping, yes that's right, he's finally figured it out!
  • Being a daredevil and taking 3 steps at a time on his own
  • Fish pie, homemade by Nanny, it's definitely his favourite dinner
This Month Dad loves:
  • Pub lunches that involve watching the Liverpool match
  • Getting injured at football (I don't think he actually loves it but its happened so much this month I'm beginning to wonder!)
  • Dr Pepper
This Month Mum loves:
  • Homeland - half way through series 2!
  • Smoothies for breakfast
  • Lindt chocolate from Easter

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