Monday, 30 June 2014

Me & Mine June

What a busy June we've had! Lots of photo's taken but managed just one "good" one of the 3 of us, I was behind the camera most of the time.
This month saw us celebrate the big 1st birthday and what wonderful celebrations we had! There was a lovely party in Nanny and Grandad's house where we had lots of nice food, cake and of course a bouncy castle. Luke really was spoiled by everyone who came, we are still trying to find some space for all of his new toys!
June also saw me return to work on a 5 day week for the Summer months. So far it's not too bad, we are so busy at work that the days fly but I do feel it tugging on my heart strings when I feel like I haven't spent some proper time with Luke by the end of the week. Come September again though I will be back on a 4 day week all going well.
As well as holding a party we've also been attending them, Luke loves a good party!
The weather has been glorious this past month except for the odd day here and there so most of our time has been spent in the garden. Due to the hot weather Luke has figured out eh can actually sleep without his sleep bag! He wouldn't settle before unless he was in it but now has no problem going into bed without it.
Of course the new arrival to our family in the shape of Murphy, the 9 month old boxador has been keeping us busy. He's a typical happy, hyper puppy who likes to get up to a bit of mischief now and then.
I can't believe we are already half way through the year and have 6 family portraits. I think it's so nice and important for Luke to be able to look back on pictures of him and his Mum and Dad no matter what.

This month Luke loves:

  • Bouncing on the bouncy castles
  • Riding his new trike
  • Running - this started in the last few days, oh my nerves!
This month Dad loves:
  • His new iPhone
  • Watching the World Cup
  • Having a dog around the house
This month Mum loves:
  • Watching Luke hit the big milestone of turning 1
  • Walking in the evenings with the dog
  • Actually getting a bit of a tan from the sun for once!


  1. Awww such lovely photos!!! :)
    Its my first time joining in but I think its such a lovely idea


    1. Thank you :) Aw really?! You will really appreciate in a couple of months time when you can look back on some lovely family photo's. If it wasn't for this project there would probably only be one maybe two of all 3 of us! xo

  2. Wooohooo. Half a year already! Sounds like a lovely busy month for you all, especially exciting too with a first birthday and a new puppy. Love the photos, especially that candid one of you all, you look so relaxed and happy together. x

    1. I know I can't believe it's half a year already! Really happy to have taken part in #MeandMine :) xo

  3. yay to getting to half a year! Its a lovely shot :) p.s cake looks fab too x

  4. Oh Happy Happy Birthday Luke - it sounds like you definitely celebrated in style; and it's a lovely picture of the three of you to mark the moment!

  5. Ahhhh a belated happpy 1st birthday to Luke. Sounds like June has been very busy for you all.
    And yay to the dog! How exciting x


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