Thursday, 31 July 2014

Me & Mine July

We are calling this month, Selfie month! I love our pictures this month, they were taken on a whim on a recent trip to a local beach. Luke wasn't impressed with being on the outside of the picture so he pushed his was into the middle of the pictures, it was super cute. He's got sand and ice cream all over his face in these pictures too!
July has been another busy month, unfortunately mostly because of work though. My days off have been scattered so have been having one day off at a time and having to work weekends too, my routine is all over the place. James has been working loads more as well but its given Luke a chance to spend some quality time with his Nanny and Grandad helping out in their garden. He's such an outdoor baby, he's happiest when he's running around in the fresh air or playing in his sandpit or being taken around the garden in the wheelbarrow. This month Luke had his first somewhat serious injury and split open his forehead in the garden, he's sporting a lovely plaster in the pictures. It's still healing but he's not bothered by it.
I really feel like this month has been made up of snatched family moments here and there and I hate when it feels like that but I guess it will be like this sometimes. As long as I can still some home and get to put my little boy to bed every night that'll keep me going until things slow down again and we get back to our normal routine.

This month Luke loves:

  • Talking - he is trying to communicate verbally with us so much more now
  • The garden and the sandpit and the paddling pool
  • Ice cream
This month Dad loves:
  • Going back to football training
  • Watching Sons of Anarchy
  • Working, well not really I suppose but he spent so much time there recently he kind of has to!
This month Mum loves:
  • Bringing Luke to the beach
  • Catching up with some friends
  • The sunny warm weather


  1. I love a good selfie! Sounds like you've still managed to fit some great family time in even though your month has been busy. Hope you can get back to your routine soon :) #meandmine

  2. It certainly sounds like life has been a bit manic, but like you've said, it makes you really appreciate those quieter moments of just being together. Love these photos, you can't beat a selfie for capturing the fun and togetherness of a day out. x


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