Sunday, 20 July 2014

Roches Point

Today was a lovely Sunday afternoon spent with the OH and Luke. We started off by having lunch with the family in my parents, my sister made delicious panini's!
We decided to head to a beach of some kind today seeing as the weather was so warm. I had planned on going to Inch beach near Whitegate in Cork but I am ashamed to say I got lost! Having lived in that area on and off for 3 years during my time working in Trabolgan years ago you would think I'd know my way! I'll blame the baby brain (still!) for that one. It worked out quite well anyway because while we were spinning around trying to find our way Luke had a nap and woke just as we reached our destination.
We finally found our way back to Whitegate and stopped off at the shop to refuel. The playground here is actually one of the best I've been in too so we let Luke have a run around in there, he loves climbing on top of the slide and looking out at everyone and everything. Of course the ice cream van came around at the same time so the OH insisted we get some!
We went on our way to Roches Point which at the entrance to Cork harbour. It's such a lovely tiny village, I'd love to live there in one the colourful houses, I could imagine sitting by the window in the Winter and watching the waves crash.
Although Luke has been on a beach before this was his first time getting his feet wet, we found a little rock pool for him to get his feet wet in and of course he just had to sit down in it! Luckily we had a change of clothes. He had his first feel of seaweed to and had great fun throwing it around. It probably wasn't the most ideal beach to bring him too as its quite rocky but the trek to the sandy beach next to it was too much in the heat today (it involves a big hill!).
We finished off our day doing a bit of shopping and then having homemade lasagne for dinner.

This is the way all Sundays should be spent :)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

*Luke is sporting a rather stylish plaster due to a nasty fall in his Nanny and Grandad's garden yesterday, I'm more traumatised by it than he is I think, it's his first cut...the first of many I keep being told!!*



  1. Louise those pictures of the landscape are beautiful, they look like paintings! Just amazing! Sounds like you all had a lovely Sunday together and how cute is that picture of your too boys together, love the look in Luke's eyes in it, he looks adorable, plaster and all! His hair is getting so long and blonde :) I need to find that beach for the proper sand, Cuskinny and Glenmore with their rocks just won't do anymore! xo

    1. Thanks Fi! We've lost the stylish plaster now thank god. That beach is down by Trabolgan next to Whitebay just minus the big up hill walk :) When we finally get a chance to catch up we should take a spin :) xo


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