Thursday, 28 August 2014

Christmas?? It's Too God Damn Early

So there I was yesterday, happily driving to work listening to the radio, Red FM in fact and all of a sudden I hear the word Christmas, yes that's right bloody Christmas! My first Christmas advert of 2014.
Now don't get me wrong I am a huge Christmas fan, my favourite time of the year even more so now that Luke is here. I'm excited for him, for us as a family to celebrate this holiday, to keep old traditions alive and to create some new ones. I look forward to the Christmas artwork that Luke will bring home during his school days and him being able to write his first Santa letter himself. I simply cannot wait but as much as I look forward to the festive season I draw the line at Christmas adverts in August....August for crying out loud!
I feel like every year the promotions, adverts, Christmas food/sweets is all beginning to happen that little bit earlier. Where's the fun in that eh?!

I know how about let's get Halloween out of the way, lets enjoy that, the dressing up and the trick treaters and the demolishing of sweets into the late hours on halloween night. Let November begin and the Winter set in and then start with the Christmas build up. Let's not have so much hype for so long before the actual festivity that come December we are either deflated or bored of Christmas before we've even had a chance to celebrate it!


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