Sunday, 31 August 2014

Me & Mine August

We just about managed a picture this month! I actually thought I had a few more than the couple I have but alas they will have to do. August has been an absolutely crazy month.
We had 2 family weddings, Luke had his first night in a hotel and only loved wearing a matching shirt and tie like Daddy. I've spent a lot of time at work so has the OH. Any time spent with my camera has been behind it and I have taken a record amount of pictures this month.
Luke has been so busy being a a toddler, he's not a baby anymore! He's grown and changed so much this month. He now has 12 teeth and has has a bit of a hard time with the back teeth coming through but nothing compared to those first 4, these seem like a breeze compared the them. He also got his first haircut this month, I will admit it was a bit emotional. He's got lovely little curls at the back but they had to be trimmed because they were beginning to get knotty. I have his first curl safely tucked away for his memory box.
Oh and August also sees the return of X Factor and I love this!
I honestly don't know where this month has gone but here's our family portrait:

This month Luke loves:

  • Running, he runs everywhere these days
  • Banging things, the wooden spoon, his hammer anything he can find
  • Chasing Nanny's cat
This month Dad loves:
  • The biggest bar of chocolate ever he got as a birthday present
  • Turning 28
  • Football matches
This month Mum loves:
  • The X Factor starting again
  • Buying Ugg boots in preparation for the in coming Winter
  • Getting a lead for the dog that I can actually control him on and walk him


  1. Lovely photo, the matching shirts and ties are fab! Sounds like you've had a busy, busy month. I was sad when both my children had their first haircuts so you aren't alone! #meandmine

    1. Aren't they just?! Daddy insisted that they match :) Honestly if a haircut gets me that emotional how will I cope with his bigger milestones..I'll be that embarrassing blubbing mum at the school gates!

  2. Gorgeous photos, your dress is beautiful! x

    1. Thanks Katie, that dress was a bargain buy for €15! xo


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