Thursday, 4 September 2014

Clothing For The New Season

I've made a few new purchases recently for Luke's wardrobe for this Autumn season as he has outgrown some of his clothes and it's now time to start putting away the Summer clothes. He has been living in shorts all Summer so I had to stock up on some slightly warmer bits and pieces.

Here's what we purchased:

How cute is the 'Truck' suit?! I couldn't leave this behind, it's ideal for the chill that will be creeping into the days soon. There's also the essential tracksuit pants for those lounge about days at home. These bits are from Heatons

I love dungarees! I actually picked up this dungaree set earlier in the year in the sale. The cute striped tshirt will be ideal for dressing up a pair of jeans for one of Luke's play dates. These pieces are from Tesco

Look at these adorable long sleeved t-shirts! I love the design on them and they are just perfect for Winter clothing. They were a bargain price of €2. I picked up a pair of navy blue jeans too to go with the tops. These bits are from Penneys

These items were actually a surprse buy when I popped into the shop for a few groceries. The fox jacket is so soft and has cute little ears on the hood. I had been looking for a nice pair of beige pants for Luke too when I found the ones in the picture. These items are from Lidl

There's nothing nicer than putting super cute pyjama's on Luke after his bath and how adorable are these lion and elephant pyjamas?! He even did a little roar when I showed him the lion ones!

When I saw these vests and sleep suits I just HAD to get them...they have cameras on them?! How appropriate for my little poser and his picture taking Mama?!

These and the pyjama's above are both from Tesco

And here's a picture of my little man posing in his new pj's, well what you can see of them seeing as he insisted on holding on to his bear :)


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