Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Baby Market, Cork

The other week myself and the lovely Fiona went to the The Baby Market here in Cork to off load some of our baby stuff that our boys no longer use or need. The Baby Market is a regular event that runs around the country in different locations rotating approximately every 6 weeks, it's a place to find a bargain or make a few bob on anything baby / toddler / maternity related.
I've been a fan of The Baby Market set up since someone told me about them back when I was expecting Luke in early 2013. I first went to the event in Cork in the Barres GAA club, venue was a bit a small but it didn't take away from the bargains to be had. I managed to pick up lots of essentials like a bath, changing mat, sleepbags, newborn neutral clothes that weren't just white, playmats etc all at a fraction of the brand new price and these items were in great condition. So it only made sense that when my spare room began to fill up with all of the things Luke no longer used that I would return to The Baby Market as a seller this time.
The venue has since changed to Rochestown Park Hotel which is so much better and it's allowed the event to grow in my opinion as there is so much more room for stalls to sell and customers to comfortably look at everything for sale.
Signing up is simple, I visited their website and enquired about a stall and received an email with a pay pal invoice to confirm my place. It's €25.00 per stall. Our place was reserved and we arrived at 10am that morning to set up our area, we had a lot of stuff and took full advantage of the 2 hours beforehand to get ready. At 12pm the doors opened and in came the customers. The event ran for 2 and a half hours and it was great fun. I've been a few times now but it's always nicer to have someone on the stall with you to chat with. It's a great pace to meet new people too, customers as well as other sellers, it's nice to be able to impart some wisdom as well to some of the expectant mother's who stop by the stall. We managed to get rid of few big items this time around which was great because we couldn't face loading up the cars again with it all!

Of course I can never leave without having a look around for a bargain myself although I wasn't successful this time because I saw a fabulous wooden rocking chair for toddlers for sale and I went back for it and it was gone, I was not impressed!
There are also stalls that aren't selling second hand stuff but things like baby massage classes, gymboree, handmade products, homeopathy etc.
I bought 2 things from these stalls and my own personal recommendations are:

Rhymes For Remedies by Jackie Griffin Synnott

I've been meaning to get this book for ages. I'm a big fan of the alternative option, the homeopathic route for remedying any ailments with Luke so this book is ideal for learning the basics. It's set to children's nursery rhymes so easy to remember too. It's a great introduction into the world of homeopathy. As you can see in the picture the books are 15euro and can be purchased here.


I love love love these custom buggy liners especially this star design! Our buggy is all colour coordinated with a cosy toes and bag but if it wasn't I would definitely invest in one of these. They also do seat liners, strap pads, dummy / toy clips in really funky designs. I picked up a dummy clip with a star design for 5euro with a much stronger clip which means Luke hasn't been able to pull it off. You can visit their Etsy shop here

The Baby Market seems to be expanding quite fast and they seem to be adding new locations all of the time, if there is one on in your area soon I would definitely recommend you go for a look.


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