Saturday, 1 November 2014

A To Do List For November

I've been very bad this year at getting anything done, it's just so not like me. I'm going to place the blame on tirelessly trying to balance work and home life with a toddler and a dog, who is also a toddler. So for November I am doing a "To Do" list of things I want / need done before the festive season kicks and it will all be forgotten about until 2015. I feel that by sharing it here with everyone then y'know I have to keep to my list, to save face and all that.

So here goes:

  • Buy 2 shelves for the utility cupboard
  • Paint the utility cupboard, the paint and all of the paraphernalia is there, I just need to actually paint it now
  • Get a new rug for the living room, the dog has the cream parts of the current one destroyed with his muddy paws 
  • Try out these new slimming wraps the internet is gone crazy for, yes I got some last week but have yet to try them, no point when all I've been eating is crap during my week off work
  • Finally finish the spare room, I've cleared a lot of the junk and moved the furniture but now don't like it this way so have to move it back, but that's a lot of effort
  • Bring Luke to a toddler group on Friday mornings. I've been saying this since I went back on a 4 day week in September but we seem to have had something on every Friday so far
  • Actually stick to my "I'm going to make a batch of soup and get Mum to make me some bread for my lunches to take to work to save me from buying them" weekly mental note that I have yet to stick to at all
Ok that's enough, there's only so much a working mama can do in one month. I'll be back at the end of the month with an update on these!
Have any of you got anything special lined up for November?



  1. Love the listing idea, if only we could all stick to it fingers crossed cause next month we will be making new years resolutions and we all know how we never stick to the them :(

    1. I love a good list :) I haven't made it too extravagant so hopefully can stick to it, I just really want those few things out of the way for December


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