Monday, 17 November 2014

I Took That Step

Right I wasn't going to blog about this, well not this early on but I've changed my mind partly because it'll help me to be even more disciplined in regards to achieving my goal.

I took that step, one I've been putting off for ages now. I joined Slimming World. I have one week down already. Joining Slimming World itself wasn't the step I needed to take but getting my self in check to get back in proper control of my body was and joining Slimming World is my way of doing it.
I think I was in denial about the amount of weight I had put on since being pregnant with Luke and I'm sad to say I am still 3 stone over my pre pregnancy weight. Foolishly I assumed it would go away by itself but of course it doesn't, sure it's super easy to gain the extra weight but not so easy to lose it as I have discovered. Having high blood pressure is also another push for me to do this.

About 8 months before I got pregnant I had joined the local gym and loved it. Now don't go thinking I was in there every day lifting weights, pumping iron, running miles on the treadmill because I wasn't. I did try and go 4 times a week after work though and did 40 / 45 mins of cardio on 3 different machines, the treadmill, cross trainer and bike. That might not seem like much to some but for me it was fine, I got back into some kind of shape and for the first time in a long time I was comfortable and happy in my own skin. I kept going until about 9 / 10 weeks pregnant but then the tiredness hit and I was lucky if I made it home from work before I fell asleep at the wheel, needless to say I haven't been back since. I was considering rejoining but that time after work I used to spend in the gym is now taken up with getting as much quality time in with Luke as I can between me getting home from work at 6pm and him going to bed at 7.30pm. The OH usually works until 10pm so I am housebound most evenings.

I tried this, that and the other to lose the baby weight but didn't stick to anything so that's where Slimming World came in. Myself and my boss joined a local group near our office, took the plunge, got weighed and began our journey to slimmer versions of ourselves! We attended the group talk our first night and I personally found it very motivating, everyone was very encouraging of each other.

It takes a bit of getting used to what with knowing the syn value things and what's a free food and what isn't but the whole concept of the program is quite simple. For those who don't know how it works this is it:

Every day you are allowed: Unlimited free and super free foods, 1 option from the Healthy A list, 1 option from the Healthy B list and 15 syns which are like points. You get all of this information in the booklet they give you when you sign up as well as details to register online which I have found to be a great source of information especially for recipes. I'm happy to say I've tried out 5 of the Slimming World recipes and so far they have all been very tasty. Simple recipes that you would see everyday but with different versions of the ingredients, healthier versions. You can buy their own chocolate bars at the meetings, I got one packet as they are handy to have if you fancy something sweet.
Honestly I'm still able to eat so much that it doesn't feel like a diet, more like a lifestyle change. The book and folder you are given on day one has become my bible and I personally need the discipline of the weekly weigh to keep myself on track. There is also a Facebook page for our local group which is so handy because the more experienced people seem to help out the beginners and everyone can share their thoughts and recipes.

Week 1 down and I am 3.5 pounds lighter! I am pleased with that and I hope that I can keep up that amount of weight loss every week for a while. I won't reveal my starting weight just yet as to be honest I'm still in shock over it (and I'm just not that brave yet!) but I would hope to be able to reveal it once I've reached my current goal. I'll try and post here weekly about it along with what I've been eating, if not I should definitely get around to doing it fortnightly.

This week I hope to be more active before our next weigh in on Tuesday. I've meal planned a few days in advance and batch cooked some things for lunch for work, I find this all really helps. You what they say, Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail :)



  1. Oh good luck! I know how hard it is! I shed 3 stone in 18 months after my 4th son was born thanks to running and seriously seriously cutting back on the chocolate. For some reason I gain weight during the summer and 7 weeks ago I decided to concentrate on my core strength as this was still my wobbly area. Literally! I'm down about 4 pounds and my tummy is definitely tighter and all through 20 mins of crunches, sit ups and a few weights 6 nights out of 7. I feel much better for it too. Keep up the good work!!! And don't stress too much on the bad days. We all need them!!

    1. Thank you :) I think my stomach will be the hardest part for me too so will be starting the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels again this week, I love that dvd and its the same as you, only 20mins long. I had a bold snack of crisps on Friday but that was mine own fault for not having lunch and breakfast so by the time I got to my mums I was starving so grabbed a packet of crisps!


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