Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sit Back, Relax And Listen

I'm a huge music fan, all kinds, well most kinds, I'm not a fan of jazz or swing music. My mp3 player has around 2000 songs on it from either end of the spectrum and it's mostly on shuffle so one minute it will be blaring a bit of Metallica and the next song could be a soppy love song from Westlife.
Music is my release, I put on my favourite song or album and I instantly feel better, the drive to work might seem long and tedious but blaring my music in the car makes that journey easier to do, putting in my head phones and going for a walk refreshes my mind and who hasn't had an album that's helped you to get through a heartbreak?! (In my next life I WILL be the singer of a rock band!)
Most of all though music relaxes me , chills me the F out and there's nothing I love more than putting on some tunes, sitting back with a few candles, possibly a glass of wine, ear phones in, eyes closed and listening to some music that takes my mind off of everything. I have a play list of my favourite songs to chill out to, I've a few select few on here, have a listen here:

  • First up is a track from one of my all time favourite bands, it's Jimmy Eat World with Disintegration. I drift away into a pool of nostalgia everytime I listen to this. This song is so emotional, I had to think hard if it it actually is a chill out song but for me it is, I would put this one the list I'd play going to sleep. I've been lucky enough to see these guys live 3 times, outstanding.

  • Placebo's version of Running Up That Hill is a chilling track that can take me away from reality in the first few seconds. I love Brian Molko's voice and alongside the piano in this one it's haunting, perfect for a bit of escapism

  • If you haven't listened to the composer Ludovico Einaudi before, I really suggest that you do. I was never a big fan of classical music until I listened to him, I love the classical piano. His music is featured on a lot of TV ad and programs so you may have heard his stuff before. Primavera is one of my favourites, I used to put this on going to sleep when I was pregnant and it really helped me to drift off when I used to find it hard to do so. I have his double cd, Islands and would definitely recommend it for some down time.

      • Massive Attack with Teardrop make the play list too, I think this could a popular choice but the opening beat is mesmerising, it hits you instantly and before I know it I'm floating along with the rhythm. This song is about the death of Jeff Buckley, a friend of the singer Elizabeth Fraser, I think knowing the history of the song makes all that more intriguing. 

      • The Noose by A Perfect Circle is another eerie track that I associate a certain time of my life with and sitting back listening to this song takes me right back to that time, it gives me that flighty kind of feeling and about 2minutes into the track I'm fully immersed into the silky tones of James Maynard Keenan's voice.

      Of course these days I don't get as much time as I would like to stick in those head phones and listen to this playlist, the baby monitor above my bed may have something to do with that ;)
      Do you have any particular songs that you find relaxing, that you can chill out to? I'd love to hear about them, we might even have a few of the same! 

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      1. I love these songs! Great choices. I love a bit of Ludovico Einaudi too, so soothing. Thanks so much for joining the All About You link party - off to tweet your post now!


        1. Thank you :) They are some some of musical tracks of my soul :)


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