Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A To Do List For November - A Round Up

So at the start of November I set myself some goals for the month which you can read all about here. Now that the month has been and gone I suppose it' only right that I let you know whether I actually managed to stick to it! (That was the purpose of me posting online, an incentive to get these things done!)
So here you go, just how many of these tasks did I complete:

  • ü Two shelves for the utility cupboard - Bought and put in place, although we only need one in the end 
  • ü Paint the utility cupoboard - Done and dusted, it looks so much better and more organised now
  • ✗ New rug for the living room - Unsuccessful, I just can't find one I want 
  • ✗ I have yet to try out the Slimming Wraps, I will be trying them this week though
  • ✗ The spare room has just become even more cluttered by stuff, this will take longer than I thought
  • ✗ Toddler Group didn't happen but that's because our Fridays have been taken up with visits to nanny's garden and meeting friends
  • ü Bringing my lunch to work - This has been hugely successful due to joining Slimming World
So 3 out of 7, could have been better but the utility cupboard took longer than expected whic gave me less time for the spare room and it is impossible to find a rug the right size and design that I want!

I've more than enough going on in December so I won't be making any monthly plans for this month, but expect my usual January aims and goals and New Year resolutions :)

Happy December Everyone 


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