Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Eve Treats & Traditions

Since Luke has arrived into our lives, I've been really excited about carrying on family traditions as well as making new ones for him and Christmas is the best time of the year for such a thing.

Our Christmas Eve is always a busy day, rushing around getting the last few bits and pieces for Christmas Day, prepping the veg for the dinner, tidying the house ready for Santa's arrival. I've got the raw end of the deal since moving out of home though because now I have to do the "tidy" in my own house as well as the parents because Mum usually works till the evening on Christmas Eve, the joys of retail, so I have to do also means I now have to put up 2 tree's and decorate 2 houses! We then have finger food for dinner, cook up a load of it in my parents and then we chill out and watch some Christmas TV, generally something like Noel Edmonds, he does this show every year where he helps people and gives them gifts and what not and me and Mum usually end up sobbing into a chicken wing! Mum does a bit of last minute baking on Christmas Eve night. Pre baby days I would head over to the local country pub for a drink or 2 with some friends before heading off to midnight mass in the church next to my parents house but these days its home to get Luke ready for bed and to sleep early ahead of his fun filled Christmas Day. We'll be spending Christmas Eve night putting together his presents this year because we are gluttons for punishment and managed to buy him presents that all need to be assembled before they can be used...note to self for next year not to do that again.

We also got Christmas pjs when we were younger so of course Luke had to get the same, I still get myself a new pair of pjs for Christmas every year! I used to always chance my arm trying to get the parents to allow us to open one, just one, present on Christmas Eve but we were never allowed so I thought I would start the tradition of a Christmas Eve basket for Luke, I thought this would be enough to contain his excitement in years to come while waiting for the big guy in red to bring his presents. We don't go over board, just pick up a few Christmassy bits and pieces and out them together in a basket I kept a few years ago from an Easter egg Mum had been given.

Here's what's in his basket this year:

This year Luke has a pair of pjs from Penneys for €7 that say Dear Santa, It's Not How It Looks.. totally fitting for this boy of mine! We have some Christmas slipper socks also from Penneys for €3 I think, a soft toy puppy from Dunnes Stores for €5 and some Kinder minis and 2 Christmas story books from Dealz. I also included a new sippy cup that the lovely folk over at Haberman sent to us. We are already big fans of their Anyway Up Bird cup so included the very funky Anyway Up Cow cup in the Christmas basket this year. Decorated the basket with a bit of tinsel and a felt snow flake and it's ready to go. 

We were also sent a personalised Christmas book by the super people over at Digital Scribe so I am happy to include this in our Christmas Eve tradition. It's a wonderful story about Luke and his cousin Katie and his dog Murphy who go on trip with Santa around Ireland visiting some of the very popular landmarks while mentioning our home town. An ideal book to get kids involved and I loved the the personalised letter that came with it and Luke's little picture on the front. When ordering the book you can fill in an information sheet with details about your little one for the story to include their names. This book is €15.99 plus P+P and can be ordered on their website.

Have you got any Christmas Eve traditions? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. I'm sure Luke will love his basket Louise, it looks lovely, I like how you decorated it with the tinsel. The books from Dealz are great value aren't they? We were delighted to find them too :)

    1. Thanks Fi! That basket is getting great use, tinsel at Christmas, coloured paper at Easter :) I was delighted with the books, found them by chance, lovely stories and quality that you'd probably by a ridiculous amount of money for in somewhere like Waterstones.


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