Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Slimming World Journey - Week 5

So I am now 5 weeks into my Slimming World journey and they have flown by! I've found it much easier to stick to than I had expected. Once I familiarised myself with the different food groups, Super Free, Free, Healthy Extras and Syns I've slowly been able to prep meals without having to refer to my hand book (Slimming World bible) for everything.
There's no magic trick with this diet, it's basically eating right, cutting out the junk but still allowing yourself the odd treat now and then. I look forward to the weigh ins but dread them at the same time, I'm afraid to go up in weight but delighted to step on those scales and see I've gone down, it's a bit of a love / hate relationship!
Unfortunately I haven't been able to stay for the group talk since my registration week as I'm usually rushing home to put Luke to bed because the OH has training most Tuesday evenings or else he's working but I am hoping to sit in on a group talk in the next week or so.
I will admit last week I was bit bold and indulged in Pringles and chocolate but I'm back on the wagon firmly now. I received my first 1/2 stone award last week and it's made me more determined and eager to get my next award at a stone weight loss.
Even though I can't stick around for the group talk each week I find the Facebook group a great help for motivation, recipes, hints and tips and general positivity, the members are so friendly and it's so nice to see them encourage each other, something that is of a great help and inspiration when you are having a down day.
My favourite meal at the moment is my weekend dinner, in place of pizza and frozen chips, I now have SW chips which are delicious and a wrap based pizza topped with ham, cheese and tomato, it's so yummy.
I've had 2 alcoholic drinks since I joined and that was 2 glasses of wine on a night out for a birthday celebration. I have a lot going on from this weekend, nights out, work parties and lunches so I am a bit anxious as to how I'll manage but hopefully I'll be ok and make the right food choices.
I still need to up my physical activity and include some regular exercise in my daily routine, you'd think running around after a toddler would do it though!
I can already feel the effects of it on my mentality as well, I beginning to feel like the old me again, pre baby body and my clothes are starting to fit better than they have done in ages. It's so satisfying knowing that I am fuelling my body with the right foods.
All in all I'm 100% happy that I signed up to Slimming World to help me on my weight loss journey and I can't wait to report back in another few weeks where I'll hopefully have hit another milestone along the way :)

Now for the important bit:

Total amount of weight lost in 5 weeks: 11.5lbs

I am beyond delighted with this and it really is such an incentive to keep going when I see the scales coming down every week.

Are you a member of Slimming World? Or using another method to help you on a weight loss journey? I'd love to hear all about it.

You can read about my first week of Slimming World here.



  1. Congratulations. It's often easy to begin but difficult to continue. You are doing brilliantly. Bet people are beginning to notice but if not it wont be long.

    1. Thank you! :) A few people have mentioned that they can see a difference so it's nice to hear that feed back too!


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