Monday, 8 December 2014

The Santa Experience

On Saturday we took Luke on his first official Santa visit by going to The Santa Experience in Dunnes Stores on Patrick Street in Cork city.
First of all I never even knew there was a whole other floor in Dunnes Stores so I wasn't too sure what to expect and second of all it beat a lot of other places price wise. It was €10 per child and €2 per adult which was quite reasonable.
We went up to the top floor where it had been turned into Santa's grotto. We handed in our information sheet about Luke to the girl at the desk and then waited in line to be called.
After hearing our names off we went with the friendly elves through to Santa's post room where Luke proceeded to sit on all of the "sacks of post" and then try and run back out the door we came in through.
Soon after we walked down a lit up cave like walk way and went into the polar bear express type area, Luke was quite impressed with this, the elves were telling us about the baby polar bear and it's Mum and Dad and he kept calling "Baby", very cute.
Then it was onto the reindeer stables where there was a big sleigh waiting, after a quick chat about the reindeers the elves took the kids for a spin in the sleigh through to the next room here it was "snowing" and we would wait for our turn to see Santa. So far so good.
Santa's room was very good, a nice big tree, a fire, couch's for the parents to sit on and the kids on the floor while Santa had a chat with them. There was also Santa's bed in the corner which Luke spent the entire time trying to climb up on. On the information sheet we'd handed in at the start it asked for 2 things about your child that Santa could mention which I thought was a good idea. However Santa was wrapping up his friendly chat and he had forgotten about Luke so we had to say it where he quickly asked him how his pet dog, Murphy was, gave him a present and that was it. I did feel like Santa rushed through his chat with the kids, I'm not sure if it was because of the time of day, it was almost 5pm and he was just losing interest. I also wasn't too impressed when he Ssshh'd Luke when he let out a screech when we tried to keep him still for 2 seconds. I didn't get any pictures in Santa's room as there was no flash photography allowed.
We sat down for a picture with Santa which cost us €8, not bad really for an 8x10 and they take a few so you can pick which one you want, if not all of them.
The present itself wasn't really suitable for a 1 year old, a pop up book, it was no sooner opened and Luke had a bit of it ripped out. The whole thing lasted about 30mins
Overall it was a good experience, a 1 year old's attention span for these kind of things wouldn't be great and the time for the experience was ideal.


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