Thursday, 31 December 2015

Me & Mine December

It's the final Me & Mine of 2015, I can't believe we have another 12 months done of family portraits. I'm so delighted that Lucy of Dear Beautiful began this whole series and I'm equally delighted I found it an joined in.

2015 has been a bit of an odd year for us, there have been lots of changes and we seemed to have got through it hanging on to the seat of our pants! However we are all still happy and healthy and that's all that matters.

I'm not sure what 2016 has in store for us, there been so much going on lately we are taking it one day at a time but I am looking forward to another round of taking our Me & Mine photo's.

Here is our final family portrait of 2015, all taken on Christmas Day:

Happy New Year To You All


Monday, 21 December 2015

'Tis The Season...To Step Back

The end of another year is almost upon me and I can't quite believe a whole year has gone by already, in one way it feels like so much has happened but at the same time it feels like I've been standing still for the last 12 months.
It's been a year of changes, adventures. It's been hectic, chaotic at times and we are constantly on the go. My time out, my time to myself is in a short fall as it is with most parents trying to juggle everything life throws at us but I've found the precious bit of time I do get has been wasted, not all of the time but most of the time.
I don't like to point the finger but well, I will and I'll point it straight at you, social media! Oh my, how much of my life is consumed by the various social media outlets?! Hours are lost of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc refreshing the pages, scrolling down looking at everyone else living their lives.
Don't get me wrong, the people I follow I genuinely enjoy seeing their updates, reading blogs, looking at their pictures but I just feel I'm not in my "here and now" as much as I should be.
Blogging for me is a hobby, nothing more but these last few months it's been like a bit of a weight, I constantly felt the need to ensure an online presence all the time and then my inspiration was thwarted and well, I lost interest in it all. Honestly if I was to count up the amount of minutes spent on the internet, I would most definitely cry! Right now I feel I need to do more for me, be active in my own reality rather than trying to live vicariously through the internet.
It doesn't even feel like Christmas because I've done all of my shopping online, no hustle and bustle of the shops,just a few clicks of a mouse and a lot of debiting from my bank card!
I also had a slight panic attack about how much I've put our lives out there, into the cyber world, I think that's what's prompted me to do this post.

This last year has been one of change and when 2015 began I didn't see myself and my family being where we are now. It's been tough going, a lot more high's than low's for sure but I have a feeling 2016 may just be our most challenging yet.
At the moment my head is a little foggy from life and I think I need to step back and re-evaluate, go back to the old school way of things, you know watching the news on tv, buying a magazine, making a phone call, all those things I would have done before I became so reliant on the power of the internet. I need to take that book off the shelf and read it, pick up those pencils and do some colouring, try out that recipe that's been on a piece of paper in the back of diary since the start of this year, take a picture because I genuinely like what I see, all these things that were once my favourite hobbies and I want to do all of those things for me, not to report back through a blog post, Facebook update, a new Tweet...

Most importantly I want to spend the last 2 weeks of my 20's thoroughly enjoying them with the people I love the most, really enjoying their company, no stress, no updating, no comparing.

So I am signing off for this festive season, logging out of all apps and I am going cold turkey (pun intended for time of the year!). The Christmas holidays are short and I really just want to kick back, relax and enjoy my surroundings.
In the words of Arnie Schwarz, I'll be some point in 2016.

Merry Christmas To All, I hope it is everything you hope for and more this year.

Image found on Pinterest


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Me & Mine November

November consisted of rushing here and rushing there, it was a busy, busy month.
We were busy with the usual work, college, home, life in general. We seemed to have somewhere to be or something on every weekend. It was a nice busy though, usually November is a bit a hibernating month so it was nice to be out and about.
Luke missed his first 2 days of play school due to a head cold and sore throat so he was eager to get back to it this week. He loves going in there.
The OH had a week of work experience for his college course which he really enjoyed and we got to travel to work together for that week as we were doing the same times and his office was just around the corner from mine.
I've had a few more circuit training classes too which I'm really enjoying and can really a difference in my fitness. We have a boot camp session this weekend, I'm dreading it but I'm sure it'll be fun.
We painted the kitchen this month and got some shiny new appliances, it's kind of sad how excited that made me!
I spent most of November sorting out my Christmas presents and I'm pleased to say, I'm almost done!

Our family portrait this month was a last minute job which was hilariously photo bombed by Murphy, our lab x, he decided he wanted in and hopped up next to me. I'm actually quite pleased with how they turned out, all four of us messing about on the couch is a pretty standard evening in our house anyway!

Here we are in November:


Monday, 23 November 2015

Circuits - It's A Love / Hate Thing

Finally, at long last, I've managed to get off my backside and get back into some kind of shape and regain some fitness, I mean Luke is only 2 and a half, it hasn't taken me that long to get back into it...not!
It all started with a text about some circuit training classes starting up in oour local GAA hall by a friend of mine. I'd had the excuse before that they were on too early for me as it was right in the middle of bed time for Luke but not this time. Now the classes were starting an hour later so I had no excuse.
I bit the bullet, I replied and said yes I'll go, sure it was only 4 weeks and if I didn't like it then I didn't have to go back, 2 classes a week, an hour each time, surely I'd manage that?!

D'ya know what? I did manage it and I loved it! Like thoroughly enjoyed it but hated it at the same time. What a shock to my system after the first class, no word of lie, I couldn't walk properly for 3 days, jeez I've never felt pain like ass, legs, arms, abs, knees everything hurt. It was that pain that you love though, the pain that drives you on because you know it's only hurting because you pushed your body to work for you. I dread the class every Monday and Thursday but I love it just as much. As mank as this sounds, it's so satisfying to work up a good sweat, the kind were it's rolling down your face and right in between the boobs!

It's slow progress and it's taken me a full 4 weeks to finally get the hang of some of the techniques but I have and each week I can feel myself getting that teeny tiny bit fitter. The warm up doesn't almost kill me anymore, I can do a lunge without almost falling over, I can run better than I ever could and I'm still terrible but I was worse before!

We're on a week off now and for the next few nights I must really put in the effort at home to keep up my newly regained little bit of fitness before we start our next lot of classes. The best thing of all though is that we all have a laugh while almost killing ourselves, I don't feel embarrassed or self conscious. I feel comfortable and encouraged and even though the instructors shout, a lot, and sometimes during that hour I hate them, (no really, when I see a burpee coming my way I genuinely despise them) they are actually super. I leave there feeling good about myself because no matter how hard I may have found the class, they really do keep us going until the end with all of their encouragement...and shouting!

*Note: I cannot get the grasp of a burpee, my lack of coordination just will not let me, for now I will jump jack in it's place but I will master it...someday!*

*Also just in case you're wondering who the shouty instructor is, it's this guy*


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lavender & Lemon Mini Loaf Cakes

I love lavender, anything to do with lavender, I have it or tried it. It's my favourite scent, my favourite aromatherapy oil and now one of my favourite things to eat.
I made these delicious mini lavender and lemon loaves for my besties birthday last week and they went down a treat with everyone.


4oz Soft cooking butter
4oz Self Raising flour
4oz Caster Sugar
2 eggs
2 Tblsp Milk
Sicilian Lemon Extract
Dried lavender - I was going to pick some fresh from the garden but my mum had some dried lavender already which she gave to me. She got it in a local health food shop.
Icing sugar - I never measure this, I just add some to water and mix and add more as necessary until I have got it to the texture I need
Violet food colouring


  • I began whizzing the sugar and flour together in the food mixture
  • Add the lavender to this. Some may opt to sift out the lavender after this but I didn't because I wanted it to be quite fragrant 
  • Add the milk, eggs and butter and mix well. As usual I left to whizz around in the food mixer while I prepared my tins. I used a 6 mini loaf tin but had enough mixture to fill 4. I greased my tins with some butter
  • I added Sicilian Lemon extract at this point, about a teaspoon and gave it another good mix
  • Add mixture to the tins and bake in the oven at approx 170 for 20mins or until cooked through
  • Once cooked and cooled, I topped them with icing and a few cake toppings I had in the cupboard.
These cakes turned out so much tastier than I had imagined, the sponge was light and the lavender was intense but subtle at the same time if that's possible! Next time I would a little more lemon or some lemon rind. These are just as nice without the icing too.
These tasty little bites reminded my of the Lemon Lavender scented yankee candle. Luke had a great time helping me with the icing and decorating, as I was putting on the decorations, he was eating them :)


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Happy Folding My Underwear

It's 10pm on a Tuesday night, I'm sitting on my bed surrounded by clean laundry that needs to be folded, it's been sitting in the basket since Saturday because we've been too caught up the Halloween celebrations and having fun before returning to our normal routine of work eat sleep repeat.
There's a handheld steamer in the middle of the floor because I've just figured out how to use it and it's quite exciting. 
The dog is panned out on the floor next to me and I have Spotify playing on the tablet for a bit of background noise. It's playing my "Rock" playlist as it's aptly named on my device. It's mostly filled with songs I would have listened to in my teen years or my carefree years when would what I would consider a small drama now was a huge one back then. Some of these songs take me back, right back to the very moment they are significant to me for, some back to when I was 15, some 19, others not too long ago at all. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the moment all over again.
I love that about music, for me it keeps memories alive, one song can bring a smile to my face instantly just by remembering the situation, person or thing attached to it. 
Before I would listen to particular songs and sometimes pine for those particular moments again, I'd give anything to be in that moment again and sometimes that makes me think that maybe the here and now isn't where I thought I would be or should be. 
There's particular moments in life that I thought I would never leave behind and detach from, moments I thought would always be there, lingering in the back of my mind and if I thought they were slipping away I would put on one of these songs on the my play list and make sure it was still there even if the moment wasn't a particularly good one, it was still there, in the back of my mind.

Tonight though, a couple of songs came on, ones that would usually get to me, stop me in my tracks for a few minutes, like this and this, make me think, but tonight they didn't. For the first time in a long time, I felt a genuine wave of happiness, contentment and gratefulness wash over me. There was nothing major happening, but hearing these old songs I was smiling away to myself, thinking of whatever memory had popped into my head and I realised just how happy I was to be in the here and now. I am a natural worrier and over thinker, I generally panic about things that haven't even happened yet and I'm so easily stressed out by things I can't control right now.
Life is hectic, it's moving at such a fast pace all of the time and it's easy to get bogged down by what I haven't done in life but it's not so easy to remember all of the things I have done and achieved that I am proud of.
I've travelled to the otherside of the world on a whim, I've visited different countries and experienced different cultures, I've been down to my last penny and I've had more money than sense, I've fallen in love more than once, hard and fast and I've been delirious with it, I've hard my heart crushed but it's also been rebuilt and learned to love again, I've had various jobs, turned my hand to a few sectors and I've found one that's kept me content for the last 7 years, I've had girly holidays, far too many drunken nights to remember that involved tears, happy and sad, lots of terrible singing and questionable dancing, I've lost friends, gained friends, I've been on the highest high but also at my lowest point, I've been stuck in ruts but I've found my way out. 

So yeah, I maybe sitting on my bed surrounded by our undies that need to be folded, the dog may be shedding all of his bloody hairs over the carpet, the playlist on Spotify maybe making me want to reach for my hairbrush and jump around my room singing like I would have "back in the day" (it's on Oasis "Don't Look Back In Anger" so that's understandable!) but I can't because the little person that I co created is asleep in the next room and my partner in crime, the OH, who has been gone since 8am for college and then went straight to work, we'll get a quick chat in before we set our alarms to do it all again tomorrow, is due home any minute and he's not particularly a fan of my singing voice. 

So as I fold up our smalls, put them away in our draws, curse at the dog for leaving hairs everywhere and remember that I need to go downstairs and get our bags and lunches ready for the morning, I revel in my happiness, my contentment at my here and now, it may not be perfect, we may be working our backsides off towards a better future, it may be hard somedays, really bloody hard but I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pasta with Low Fat Cheese Sauce

Now that I am back on the wagon of proper eating, meal planning etc I have discovered a lovely, Slimming world friendly cheese sauce that is delicious with pasta and vegetables.
I first saw the cheese sauce recipe here and fiddled with it a bit to make it to suit my tastes. You could use the cheese as HXA


Pasta of your choice
Vegetables of your choice - I used a medley of sweetcorn, peas, carrot and green beans
1 tub of Quark
4 -5 Tblsp Fat Free Fromage Frais
2 eggs
Garlic Italian Seasoning
Grated Parmesan
Low fat cheese, grated


  • Put vegetables and pasta on to cook
  • Mix the quark and fromage frais together in a large bowl
  • Beat in eggs and mix well
  • Add seasoning and grated parmesan
  • Once the vegetables and pasta are cooked, drain and mix together
  • Add the sauce to the pasta / veg mix and pour into an oven dish
  • Sprinkle your low fat grated cheese over the top and oven bake until cheese is nicely melted
I made enough to do for dinner that night and 3 lunches at work. 


Monday, 2 November 2015

Me & Mine October

I'm a little late in posting this months Me & Mine, we were well and truly caught up the Halloween activities this year (that and the fact we have had some internet issues!). We had 2 rounds of trick n treating which ended up with us having a very hyper 2 year old dressed as a red devil running around like a loon on Saturday night! It was our first year taking Luke out and while he wasn't too impressed with the whole knocking on doors aspect of things, he did enjoy eating his goodies on the go.

October saw me take a week off work while Luke was on his first ever mid term from play school. We had a wonderful week, nothing spectacular happened but I could see Luke was so happy to have us at home more and all to himself for the week. It makes it so much harder to go back to work but as usual we won't be long getting into a routine again. I got to spend some proper time with my Mum, we did lunch a couple of days and we were in her house most days. The OH and I managed to see each other more than just saying good morning and good night and I finally managed to get a few annoying jobs around the house out of the way too.

October also took me to Dublin with my 13 year old niece, Katie to see One Direction. it was her confirmation present and she had been waiting patiently since April for the day to arrive. We both headed off on the train and stayed in a hotel in the city centre. We also shopped until we dropped. This was her first concert and we were lucky enough to make it to the front row, we had a ball. I'm definitely a converted 1D fan after it, they put on a great show and gave her lots of wonderful memories.

I started circuit training classes this week too, all I can say legs! Oh god my legs were on fire for days after the first class, I mean I've never experienced anything like it but I love it. The classes are great, I love to break a sweat and really feel like I've exercised properly and with this I do. I'm filled with dread before each class but I'm buzzing by the time I leave. I am super unfit but this is a good way to get me someway back on track again.

So it was a pretty busy October all round and I'm looking forward to November being a quiet month before the Christmas celebrations kick off.

Here we are in October:

This month Luke loves:

  • Going to the tool shop with Grandad
  • Playing catch with the dog
  • Peppa Pig (I thought we'd escape her but no he loves her!)
This month Dad loves:
  • Having a week off college
  • Seeing Pan with his eldest
  • Luke's first trick n treating
This month Mum loves:
  • Autumn walks
  • Having full on conversations with Luke, he's such a chatterbox now
  • A night out for my besties birthday


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Everything is so LOUD

Ever since becoming a parent everything seems to have become so much louder and I mean everything, from the TV to the keys jangling. I've noticed it even more now as the boy child is getting older but here's a few examples from the beginning of his life:

  • The TV managed to get louder all of a sudden without me even having to touch the remote, most noticeably the theme tune to Friends, that would start much louder than the previous epsiode (yes I watch re runs and then some more re runs of Friends) startling a sleeping baby on my chest who had only just fallen asleep
  • The keys in the ignition just after the toddler has dropped off to sleep in the back of the car...
  • ....Same goes for my rattling heat shield, way louder as soon as he's asleep!
  • The creak in the middle of the landing between his room and ours, if I end up stepping on that after putting him down to bed you can bet I'll hear "Muuuuuuuum".
  • The rattling of any kind of food packaging - no matter where he is in the house, he will be by my side in the blink of an eye if he even suspects that I may be opening something nice to eat without him. It is funny though when he realises it's something boring.
  • The emptying of the Mega Blocks. It happens in slow motion, he picks up the box, struggles to lift it but manages to turn it upside down and I am about to tell him to stop what he's doing when they all crash to the ground! Jeeeeez it's sooo friggin' loud when they hit the wooden floor...I need to hide those bloody blocks.
  • When he screams in public, it always seem to be a lot louder than any other child I've heard screaming ever before....ever.
  • The monitor during the night, sometimes the scream is so loud the monitor crackles!
  • The next door neighbours going in their front door - this seemed excruciatingly loud when he was tiny and his bedroom was on the same side of the house as their front door, a couple of bangs and he could be disturbed from his slumber. I'd never noticed as much before then but I am still noticing it now....every single night. 
  • Breathing, yes that's right even breathing became too loud for a while. When we had him in the room with us as a small baby, we could sigh or breathe a little bit louder than usual and bang! he would be disturbed and wide awake.
  • The dog barking, 3 millions streets away, that you would never pay attention to ever until we are lifting in a sleeping toddler from the car or trying to get him to nap. 
  • That bloody ice cream van who drives by our house in the Summer just as we are putting him to bed, it's so loud it drowns out his relaxing lullaby music and he sits bolt upright and says "ice ceam Mum ice ceaaaam".
I could actually list a few more examples but I'm sure you get it. As you can see a lot of them involve things that disturb him from his sleep....ah sleep, 2 years and 4 months in, I vaguely remember what that is.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Let's Start Again Shall We?!

Well my whole Weigh In Wednesday, let's make it public on the blog so that I'll stick to it didn't exactly work out too well for me did it?!
My main and only excuse really is work. I didn't have set days during the Summer months, I was working all over the place, different days and times and honestly I felt some weeks I didn't know whether I was coming or going let alone have time to meal plan and eat properly, it was a shambles really.
Saying that, I hadn't made any great loss or gain, I'd been fluctuating between 1 and 2 pounds...not this morning when I stepped on the scales though, it was a different story and there's 5 pounds of an increase!

So as of last week I am now back to regular days and set hours with an extra day off and I feel much more ready to give myself the time and attention needed to ensure we are all eating better and getting some exercise too. It's the exercise bit that I fall down on though. Sometimes it's so hard of an evening to motivate myself after being at work all day and then getting Luke sorted for bed and doing a quick clean up. Saying that I very rarely sit down in the evenings at home, I'm always pottering around the house so I just need to focus on less pottering and more jumping jacks perhaps?!!

Seriously though, I am turning 30 in January and I want to begin my next decade feeling good about myself and comfortable in my own skin. I want to feel confident in whatever I chose to wear for whatever way I decide to celebrate the big 30. I have gone back to the beginning and have my Slimming World book in my handbag to keep me on track.

So anyway I am only going to check in here monthly because even though I am now more organised and that I still can't commit to posting this update every Wednesday so I shall do so on the first Wednesday of every month. I'll hopefully be able to include some recipes and tips I may have learned during the month.

Who's with me?! C'mon I need to encouragement :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn Strands

I love the feeling of Autumn especially when living by the sea. There's something refreshing about heading off to the beach or strand when there's a bit of a nip in the air and a gust of wind. I wasn't feeling great over the weekend due to a bug but an hour or so out in the fresh sea air cleared some cobwebs and I felt so much better.
While the clocks haven't gone back just yet, the evenings are starting to get shorter and the darkness is creeping in that bit earlier and there's just something earthly about being out by the sea as the day begins to leave and the evening starts rolling in.

This weekend we made 2 trips to a strand near to my parents house where we strolled along the rocks and Luke was frantic looking for crabs, he didn't find any, but he did find lots of rocks and shells that he had planned on keeping in his bucket but ended up throwing them in the water. He was, as always, accompanied by his big cousin Katie for the weekend.

Thanks to my new camera bag too I was able to bring my "big" camera out and about and know that it was safe along with my other lens that usually get's left at home because it's too big and I'm afraid I'll drop it or something.

While I am surrounded by the sea living on an island and can see Cork harbour from the upstairs of my house, it's different experiencing the sea from the countryside and it's something I really miss since moving out of my parents and into "town". Not to worry too much though as we go there every weekend...and any other day off that I have.


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Semolina Biscuits

I love these biscuits, I remember making them as a child with my mother. They are so super easy and quick to make and serve as a nice treat for Luke.


2oz Butter
3oz Caster Sugar
4oz Plain Flour
2oz Semolina
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
5 tblsp Milk (more or less as required)


  • Start off by creaming the sugar and butter together
  • I then added my flour, baking powder and semolina and mixed them altogether until then looked like fine bread crumbs
  • Next up add the milk bit by bit until it forms a stiff paste
  • If mixture is too wet to roll out, wrap in cling film and po in the fridge for 20mins or so which I had to do
  • Preheat your oven at 180degrees (fan oven here)
  • Flour a surface so that you can roll out the mixture, I think I got about 18 biscuits out of mine
  • Bake for 15 mins, I turned my oven down slightly when I put them in 
I left mine to cool and then iced with some yellow icing. They are quite yummy and not as sweet as you'd think and they made for a nice accompaniment to my mid morning cuppa. 


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me & Mine September

September is over already, in one way this month ran away with us and in another it crawled by slowly.
There have been some big changes in our household this month, all of which have left us wiped out.

September saw our little guy begin his twice weekly trips to play school. He seems to have settled right in although we had a drop off last week where he became a bit hysterical when I went to leave but I'm hoping it was down to the fact that it was me doing the drop off when so far it had been my mam or the OH. Being at work, I miss some of the drop off's and collection's, honestly it's like a little grey cloud over the wonderful event that is Luke beginning his school life but such is life and unfortunately I have to go out to work and it's a sacrifice I have to make.

The OH also started back at college this month for a year long course that will hopefully get him where he want's to be this time next year.It's been tough getting used to this, as at least 3 mornings a week we all have to be up and out for 8am, the OH heads off to college and I drop Luke to my mam or sister and follow on to work. We are both travelling to city now in the mornings but because the OH generally heads straight to work after college we can't travel together. He's been flat out these past few weeks between work and settling into his new academic routine and we haven't seen much of him but it's all for a better future for all of us. It does mean though that on Tuesdays we have our break at the same time so we get half an hour together and get a coffee and enjoy chatting away from home and toddler free.

We celebrated some family birthdays this month so there has been some birthday cake consumed, none of which is good for my waist line but what the hell!

We also managed a date night this month with dinner and a tickets to see a favourite comedian of ours in Cork Opera House. If you have never heard of Al Porter, check him out, I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

My best friend also had a gorgeous baby girl this month and she is just perfection, so welcome to the world baby Sadie :) (No it didn't make me broody, we are still suffering from sleepless nights here!)

I feel like October will bring some calmness to our lives, although we will still be hectic and hopefully some more positive changes are on their way, I feel like we will be more settled into our new routine.

So here we are in September, tired but happy:

This month Luke loves:
  • One Directions latest song, we listen to it at least 5 times a day
  • Watching Tarzan
  • Climbing trees with his Grandad
This month Dad loves:
  • Starting college
  • Winning a copy of the new Fifa
  • Gloria Jeans White Chocolate Oreo
This month Mum loves:
  • Aromatherapy, I'm building a nice collection of essential oils now
  • Colouring, it's so relaxing
  • Return of X Factor


Thursday, 3 September 2015

#ExploringEastCork - Local Surroundings, Cobh

We often take for granted what is right on our door step, forget to appreciate the surroundings we are in every day, focus on the negative rather than the many positives and I find I do this a lot about my home town. 
The place that has been my home for 23 years. where I had my most influential years, where I went to school, made life long friends, met my life partner, brought my son home to...
It's the place, that no matter where in the world I've been, I can't wait to get back to, as much as I might have wanted to leave.
It's where I first learned to drive, ride a horse, had my first part time job, went to my first night club, had my first kiss, also my first heartbreak.
It's where we all gathered for our school debs before heading off on a bus for one last hurrah with our teachers and classmates.
It's the place where I learned to stand on my own 2 feet, stand up for myself and be proud of who I am and where I'm from.

Cobh is such a pretty town, more so in the Summer months when the sun is shining and I love nothing more than walking "down town" of an afternoon, watching the boats in Cork Harbour, seeing Luke run straight for the playground in the promenade, getting a 99 from the BMC, driving around for ages trying to find a parking space and then feeling victorious when I finally do! 
Sure every town or village has it's bad points, same for every person but for any negative points there are so many more positive ones to focus on. 

I don't get many chances to take in my local surroundings with the busy everyday life routine especially when working in the city but when I do I love to remember just how nice our town is and how on many occasions the community spirit has been just what I've needed, how a walk out the 5 foot way to clear my head is all it took to make things seem brighter.
There's so much potential in this town and I hope for only good things to happen here, things that will keep the town going strong, things that will make it an even better place for my little boy to grow up in. I can only hope he'll have as many good memories as I do. 

If you are ever looking for an afternoon out, why not pay my town, an island if you will, a visit? Take a walk along the water front, grab a coffee and enjoy the surroundings.

Town train that will take you on a tour of the area, a big hit with the kids!

What's over there?! 

The Promenade, down town.

Luke considered being a sailor when a tall ship visited Cobh recently

Port of Cork

St Colmans Cathedral


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Me & Mine August

August was a busy month in our house hold! We've managed lots of quality time as a family this month which was great because that was my aim before September got here.

We had quite a big mile stone on the very last day of the month with Luke starting play school. He will be going 2 afternoons a week for 2 hours each day this year. It's so incredibly hard to believe my baby is now old enough and independent enough to be going to playschool, I can't quite believe it! Thankfully he loved it, it's a small group too which is nice. He even did his very first painting.

We've enjoyed lots of ice cream and walks down town and to the playground as well as some trips in the car.

August also sees myself and the OH celebrate our anniversary, well two actually because it was the month we got together and also the month we got engaged. We are 2 years engaged now so fingers crossed we find time in the next year to plan a wedding!

I finally managed to get around to using a spa voucher I had been given for my birthday back in January and I must say it was a delightful experience. I had a full body massage and some reflexology and have found it's really helped my back and shoulder since so I think I might have to make it a regular thing.

There's 2 family portraits this month and both were taken on our days out by my 12 year old niece, it was nice to capture them this month without rushing!

Here we are in August:

This month Luke loves:
  • Play school!
  • 99 ice cream cones
  • Chasing cows in the field with his Grandad
This mont Dad loves:
  • Playing as much foot ball as he can before he returns to college in September
  • The return of the football season
  • Finally getting me to watch Fast and the Furious
This month Mum loves:
  • Finally watching Fast and the Furious, I don't know why I never did before!
  • Getting a chance to get the big camera out
  • Return of X Factor

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Walking Through Fairyland

Today I'm linking up with Dolly Dowsie for the Weekenders series. It's lovely linky where you can document your weekend adventures and see what others have got up to as well.

Weekends at the moment are all over the place due to work but we only have a couple of weeks of the busy period left and we will be back to having every weekend off again...I can't wait.

Sunday just gone I was off though so I had some quality time with the boy child and my niece while the OH had to work. Weekends off together are a rarity.

We took to a local woods near my parents house in the countryside where a section of the woods have been turned into a fairyland. 
I believe it began with one little girl adding some fairy doors and soon after many others have travelled to add to it too. 
It's a lovely area and due to all of the additions by other people it now stretches for a quite a while.

Luke was in in element, he loved it! He walked the whole way and was so excited by each and every fairy door.
He would whisper as he got closer to a door, too cute altogether. 

We've decided we will head back there in the next week or so with our own addition.

He spent the rest of the afternoon excitedly telling everyone about the "frairries". It's great to see something so imaginative and lovely and I love nothing more than seeing Luke's sparked imagination in overload, it's wonderful! 

(I finished off this lovely Sunday with a girly dinner with my 2 friends, we went to East Village in Douglas, their chiken wings are to die for!)

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