Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Luke @ 19 Months

Yes you read that right 19 months, 4 months since I last wrote an update on Luke. I'll say it now as I have many times before, where oh where has the time gone?!!
Since our last update we have celebrated Luke's 2nd Halloween and Christmas and we are now discussing sending him to playgroup 2 afternoons a week after Easter, this is crazy talk to me! Where has my cute chubby little 7 month old baby gone that was here this time last year? Who had just got his first few teeth and was trying a new food almost every day?!
These days Luke knows exactly what foods he likes and what he doesn't like, I am pleased to share though that he seems to be a marmite fan, I'm not sure anyone understands how happy that makes me except for my Mum. He loves cheese and would often ask for some "cheesy" or "ice akes" aka rice cakes. Marmalade on toast is his favourite breakfast at the moment closely followed by some peanut butter on toast, he just loves bread, white, brown, wholemeal, multigrain, he'll eat it all! He's really gone off the baby pre made dinners, we were keeping them as back up for busy days or when we had to send him to my sisters to be looked after but he has no interest in them. He much prefers foods he can feed himself with now, obviously because hes so grown these days he just doesn't need his Mum or Dad spoon feeding him anymore (God guys you are so embarrassing, I can feed myself - I've no doubt that's whats going through his head!) For a while I would have said he wasn't really bothered by chocolate but oh he has well and truly discovered his love for the stuff these days!
He loves his breakfast bottle on the couch watching some CBeebies and his bedtime bottle is still going strong - bath bottle cuddle with Mum in his room, bedtime routine hasn't changed since he was weeks old. However now he likes to have a little chat after the bottle some nights, he'll ask where everyone is by naming everyone and I'll tell him where they are, very cute I must say.
Him and Grandad are now fully fledged partners in crime, every weekend they get up to mischief and he knows that if he goes to Grandad he will always get his own way. Grandad has now insisted that him and Nanny are going to buy him a ride on tractor so he can go around the garden on it at the weekends when hes there. Murphy the dog is still getting abused by Luke who likes to use him as a horse or a cushion or a punch bag, the dog has the patience of a saint!
He went through a bit of a head banging when being told off and slapping stage but I hope we nipped that in the bud fairly quickly.
The words are coming thick and fast and just the other day he was looking through his little number book and called me and said "Ishes" a few times, when I looked closer he was pointing at the fish on the page, I was amazed!
Sleep was brutal recently, really we were back to the newborn days, see here for more on that. He's settled down again now though, bed at 7.30am, he was sleeping right through until 8am but now hes waking at 5am or thereabouts and he's coming in with us until 7.30am/8am again, we don't mind though, it's quite cold these nights so we all snuggle together in the bed.
We are now buying 2-3 year clothes, this is when it really hits home that he's no longer a baby! As always he has far too many clothes but we donated a lot of his too small clothes to SVP last month.

Everyday he's learning more, everyday he's growing older, everyday we fall in love with him a little bit more than the day before  and everyday he's learning how to wrap Mum and Dad around that little finger of his even more than he already has. He's the best boy really and I'm so excited for this stage in his life where he's learning so much more so fast, he's such great fun at this age and makes us laugh every day.


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