Monday, 12 January 2015

Sleeping Saviour

December, while it was great for so many reasons, also gave us a few low points and the major one was Luke and he disrupted sleep. It honestly felt like we were back in the early baby days. The nights of him going to bed at 7.30pm and not stirring until 8am the next day where even then he would happily lie in his cot chatting to himself for half an hour were suddenly gone. He became really unsettled at night, waking numerous time with a piercing scream, he wouldn't settle back down for age no matter what we tried unless we sat there with him for ages. We were bringing him into our bed but he wouldn't settle there either, he would last an hour before getting annoyed because he couldn't get comfortable and end up kicking us both in the head and back so off we'd go back to his own room. It was only after all of our efforts of trying to soothe him would he finally give in and go back to sleep. He began waking at 5.30am again, something which he did for the first 10months of his life, without fail. It was of course having a knock on effect throughout the whole day then as he was overtired come nap time and then refuse to nap, which made him cranky for the rest of the day and this in turn affected his eating, he was too cranky and clingy to eat and was barely drinking his breakfast and bedtime bottles. I was beginning to despair after Christmas Day evening when he spent the best part of 2 hours making a constant whinging sound, he wouldn't sit down with anyone, didn't want any food or drink, etc. I pretty much made Christmas dinner with him clung to my leg! It really was as if we were in the same place but just 12months previous because he was the exact same in December last year just before his first 4 teeth broke through. He had been getting his eye teeth this time around so I put it down to that. I now know that there is a sleep regression around this age too, 18 months and that along with teething were playing havoc with him.
Of course what he needed more than anything was a proper good nights sleep to get him back on track and his body clock back in sync but he was too far gone at this stage. So as always I went back to my trusty homeopathic remedy that worked for him before, Pulsatilla. This worked wonders for him before but typical, I went to get some and realised I was all out!
It was now the Saturday after Christmas and after staying with my parents the night before and having them up pretty much most of the night I decided to chance my arm and head to Midleton to see if any of the health food shops were open, luckily one was. Unluckily they had no Pulsatilla but I did spot some of the New Vistas products on the shelf which I've posted about before here. The Sleep Ease drops seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.
My verdict - they were the answer to my prayers! You give these drops twice a day, 4-6 drops at a time. I gave them to Luke that day just before bath time and about half an hour before his bed time bottle and for the first time in weeks he had a 13 hour undisturbed sleep. The difference in him the next day was huge, he was so much more relaxed and happy. I often find that during a time like a growth spurt, sleep regression, teething or after being sick and his sleeping pattern has been disrupted he sometimes needs a bit of a helping hand to get back on track and the homeopathic remedies I've tried so far have been amazing.
Now I'm not saying he was back to normal immediately but it gave him push in the right direction, once we got that first proper night sleep out of the way he's been slowly falling back into sync since. His naps seem to have returned to normal in the last couple of days and he's been back to his 2 hour naps mid morning (I was terrified for a while that he may be giving up his naps altogether but fingers crossed not yet!), his appetite has greatly improved and he's back to his happy, chatty self. We've given the drops a few more times since. The only thing he is still doing is the 5.30am wake up call, we can generally get another hour or so out of him by bringing him in with us where he will just chill or even doze off or chat to himself or slap us in the head or come back right up to our faces and say"Mam", "Dad", y'know all the things that you really need at that unearthly hour....but things are a LOT better than they were a few weeks ago!

*Since drafting this post 2 days ago, morning wake ups have been pushed again by another hour so hopefully another week or so and he will be back to a much more desired wake up time of 7.30am/8am!*

My sleeping angel...when he feels like it!



  1. I'm glad he's getting back to normal again for you Lou. I need to look into these drops because TL has been having interrupted sleep lately too.

    1. They are definitely worth a try Fi! €15 but money well spent in our case. Hope TL settles into an undisturbed sleep again soon xo

  2. Ah that's good! We have started to use a rain noise website for Lia, she was a nightmare for sleeping but she's got a lot better since using that. Will try the homeopathic remedies if we have any further problems though I think, thanks for the recommendation.x

    1. No problem :) Will have to try your suggestion if we encounter any further problems with the whole sleep issue too! :) xo

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