Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Slimming World Journey - Week 9

I am now 9 weeks into my Slimming World journey and yesterday was the dreaded weigh in after Christmas. I will admit I did the dog on it over the holidays, Christmas, New Years and my birthday on January 5th, there was temptation at every corner! However I was still mindful of making sure I had my staple items stocked up throughout the festive season, fat free milk, wholemeal bread, low cal spray, reduced fat cheese, rasher medallions and the like. I won't lie though I had take aways, lunches and dinners out, pringles, roses, biscuits especially those delicious short bread fingers and there's still loads left in the house! So this week I will be putting it all to the back of the cupboard to share amongst any guests that might call ;)
I took a week off of weigh in during the holidays mostly because my group is near my place of work rather than home so I decided to leave off the weigh in on December 30th. Since my last post I received my 1 stone award which I was delighted to have reached by Christmas, it took me 6 weeks!
However it's now back to normal for me now and I am back into my normal weekly routine along with an updated Slimming World book and a new speedy plan that you can do for a week to boost a bit of extra weightloss. It seems to focus on the speedy free foods and foods high in protein. I haven't looked at the new plan in detail yet but once I am back into my Slimming World plan in full swing I will be giving it a try. I will be starting as new again this week, filling in my food diary to get me back on track because once I had been doing things the Slimming World way for a couple of weeks it was second nature so need to get back into the zone fully.
I was actually excited to get back to group yesterday because I need that weekly motivation of weighing in and I've been absolutely loving the feeling of seeing the scales go down each week.
I was able to stay for the group talk last night, something as I've mentioned before I don't have the opportunity to do always but will hopefully make it to another couple of group talks over the next few weeks. I find them quite inspirational and you can always pick up a few helpful hints and tips from other members too.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty and share some numbers:

Total amount of weight lost in 7 weeks (last weigh in before Christmas on Decemeber 23rd): 14.5lbs

Total amount of weight lost in 9 weeks: 11.5lbs which means I gained 3lbs over the 2 week Christmas holidays.

The gain I had expected and expected more to be honest but I think it just goes to show that even the small changes that you make in Slimming World like the ones I'd mentioned above in my staple items can have such a positive long lasting effect on you.

As always I'd love to hear about any weight loss journey you may be on so feel free to share.



  1. It sounds like your doing amazingly well, well done! I did slimming world for a year in 2013 and lost just under 3 stone and have managed to keep it off since. Even though I'm not doing slimming world anymore I still have the slimming world plan at the back of my mind which helps me automatically make healthier choices! Its way better than all the other weight loss programs out there I think! x

    1. Thank you! 3 stone is my goal so I hope I can have the same success as you and manage to keep it off as well. Definitely the most effective plan I've tried and the plan is easy to get used to so yeah it does stick with you :) xo


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