Friday, 13 February 2015

You Are So Annoying

He Annoys Me Because:

  • He never plumps up the pillows when he makes the bed
  • He could walk past a basket of washed and folded clothes a hundred times and not think to put it away
  • He doesn't scream and shout when he needs to vent, he keeps it all in most of the time, unlike me who needs to rant out loud to get things off my chest
  • He has so many white t-shirts / jerseys that they need a washing machine load of their own
  • Sometimes he doesn't put his football gear in the wash for a week, it then stinks out the whole house
  • He can read me like a book, annoying because I am now predictable to him and can never stay mad at him for too long any more as he knows all the right things to say to make things better
  • He said he would walk the dog everyday when we got him, he doesn't
  • He complains about my stuff on the Sky planner even though he has a lot more on it than me and we still have loads of space left on it, so what if it takes me a year to actually get around to watching it?!

I Annoy Him Because:

  • I always fall asleep first while watching Netflix in bed which means he has to wait until the next night to continue an episode of whatever series we are watching at the time
  • I end up on his side of the bed most nights, not leaving him much room
  • I leave his "good" chopping knives in the washing up bowl in water, drives him mad but I just forget, apparently it ruins them
  • I stack the dishwasher wrong according to him
  • I paint my nails in bed
  • I leave my handbags hanging on the end of the stairs
  • I make him pose for photographs
  • I worry excessively about everything
I think I actually could have written a lot more about the things that I do that annoy him but we'll cap it at 8!

As much as we annoy each other and get on each other's nerves, we love each other a whole lot more than any of that.
We are equals.
We are best friends.
We are a team.
We laugh together, cry together, fight together, celebrate together and there's no one in this world that understands me more than he does.

Our Valentines day will probably consist of us doing all the above annoying things as usual with a few extra "I Love You's" thrown in but sure what more could I want eh?!



  1. Brilliant post. And the dog! the dog! The dog! Although that one has worked out well for me because I take her with me when I go for a run! My OH does that bed thing! Drives. Me. Demented!

    1. Haha they are so annoying aren't they?! I keep hearing 'I'll walk the dog every day I swear I will" but no the poor sits there looking at his lead longingly!


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