Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just The 2 Of Us

I came across this linky hosted by Don't Call Me Step Mummy and decided to join in as this past weekend was a weekend where my little guy and I really got some quality time together.

The poor guy was so unwell this weekend, he had a trip to the doctor and a course of antibiotics and he was really only fit for the couch. He managed a walk to see the horse with his Grandad and a short shopping trip with me but mostly we were curled up on the couch where he would nap. Those few days he only wanted his Mum, usually he's all over his Dad, messing and chasing each other and just generally being boys together. He would only nap if he slept on me and as much as I usually love nap time to give me a bit of time to get things done around the house, this weekend just gone I really cherished those few days where we had a couple of hours curled up together. If he felt me moving away, he would snuggle in closer, at night time when I was putting him to bed, he would wraps his arms right around me for another hug, he was coming into to our bed at all hours but as soon as he came in he would snuggle down under the duvet and tuck in under my chin. I loved it, not him being sick obviously but I loved that he needed me so much and wanted cuddles all of the time. He's such an active little boy that usually he's pulling all of toys out or trying to climb on everything or wanting to be out in the garden exploring. I am delighted to report that he feeling much better as of today after a full nights sleep but it was nice to just sit back and take him all in over the last few days and cherish those baby days that are slipping away from me far too quickly.

Don't Call Me Step Mummy

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