Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Luke @ 21 Months

The final update for my boy before he turns the big 2! How weird will it be to say I have a 2 year old eh?!
The last 2 months have been a bit up and down, Luke has suffered with his skin a bit, eczema and he was also hit by a sore throat and blocked sinuses which seemed to take ages to clear up. The stuffiness he had only cleared when we switched him to lactose free milk about 2 weeks ago, funnily enough his appetite is back in full swing since then too so maybe the ordinary full fat milk just wasn't agreeing with him.
He still hasn't been sleeping great either, goes to bed fine, like a dream in fact, but at the moment he could wake 2 or 3 times before we just end up bringing him in with us. I remember back to this time last year and he was exactly the same until around the middle of April so maybe it's just the time of year or something in the air, I don't know but we are really hoping he goes back to his awesome sleeping pattern he had before! He's started waking earlier too and every morning I am met by his face right up in mine asking for "Sam", y'know Fireman Sam who we watch at least 20 times a day because he is obsessed with him! Even if we think he's not paying attention to the program and we switch it off, he notices and asks for "Sam" again, it's beginning to wear thin!
As I said his appetite is back to normal and he's well able to finish all of his meals using his own spoon and fork and with no help from us. Last night he cleared his bowl of mash potato all by himself, I was convinced the OH had eaten some but he didn't. He current favourite food at the moment is cereal or "ey aye" as he calls it and raisins and crisps. I'd give him the Organix ones but everytime he goes to his Nanny and Grandad's, he knows exactly where Grandad keeps his Tayto's so when he gets there he goes to the drawer and get's his bowl and then takes off into the utility room to the cupboard where Grandad gets him some "isps" and he then happily sits up at the kitchen table to eat them while looking out the window into the garden.
He loves fixing things at the moment, he has his very own screwdriver and hammer in Grandad's shed and was fierce busy up there the other day fixing things.
I really feel like he's going through the terrible 2's early too, he's challenging everything and does not like to be told "No" a lot of the time. If we are telling him he can't do something we explain why, be that it's dangerous or whatever and most of the time he understands but other times he screams bloody murder, honestly, he's a total diva sometimes!
He's very clingy to me at the moment, he could be totally fine all day with whoever is looking after him but as soon as I come in it's tears and calling me, although yesterday was the first time he didn't do that and was busy telling me about his day instead so hopefully that's a phase that's passed.

This age, while it's hard and challenging and downright frustrating for us and Luke, it's also wonderful at the same time. He's such great company at the moment and he can communicate with his words so much better, rather than throwing his building blocks everywhere, he'll now sit down and help you build them, instead of ripping through the pages of a book, he'll sit down and point out things in them and try and tell us what they are. Small things like that make a huge difference and really bring home the fact that he's growing up so fast.

*For these pictures Luke actually took my camera out and asked me to take a picture of him, such a poser, just like his Daddy!*


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