Sunday, 1 March 2015

Me & Mine February

I didn't think I'd get a chance to photograph us this month, February always runs away from me with it being a shorter month. Luke has been sick this week too and he was in no mood for photographs. We had a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics but he finally perked up tonight so I managed to get a few quick photo's just before bath time. He always uses this time to jump on our bed and mess around in our room so that's pretty much the theme of our pictures for February. You'll have to excuse our dishevelled appearance and Luke's lack of clothing except for his vest, it really was a last minute capture. I do love how relaxed Luke is in these pictures though and just look at those chunky toddler legs, I love them!

We were delighted to see the arrival of a very slight improvement in the weather that came with the new season of Spring. Things here have been busy as usual, we had a child free trip away to Dublin which was nice and Luke had a couple of birthday parties, he definitely has a better social life than us! We are looking forward to another busy month in March.

Here we are:

This month Lukes loves
  • Feeding the birdies with Nanna
  • Going for a spin in Grandad's truck
  • Crispies
This month Dad loves
  • Getting some better shifts at work 
  • Playing cards and monopoly
  • Al Porter, a comedian we saw in Dublin, he was very funny
This month Mum loves
  • Walking around Dublin, exploring
  • Valentines surprises
  • Baking cakes

Yay the first ever Irish Parenting Blog Awards are taking place this April! 
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  1. Aww the photos are a nice change ;-) Sorry to hear Luke was sick and yay to warmer weather, roll on spring xxx

    1. Thank you :) He's much better now, he just needs to figure out how to sleep at night again now ;) xo

  2. Great photo! Hope your little one is feeling better and yay to Spring! Have a super March #MeandMine

    1. Thank you! He is feeling much better xo

  3. These are great pics of you all, hope health is picking up for the little one now the weather is warming up. Brill captures #meandmine

  4. Ah I love these Louise, we took some on our bed a few months ago and I love that it is somewhere so close to home if you know what I mean? Just a typical ordinary part of our lives! :) x

    1. Yes I get that! It really is some place where we all are totally ourselves, it's a veyr real setting, like you said an ordinary part of our lives! I keep meaning to join up with your Ordinary Moments linky too! xo


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