Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Me & Mine March

What a busy month! We've had lots going on here this month and the one month I had my picture sorted a couple of weeks ago, I failed to make sure the actual post was ready to go first thing, ah well I do try!
March saw us celebrating Mother's Day, my second one as a Mama to my gorgeous boy, I received some lovely flowers and a beautiful garden that even Luke signed himself.
This month was also time to celebrate St Patricks Day which thankfully for once the weather was on our side and this is when we captured our family portrait for March.
The night before St Partricks Day our dog, Murphy was struck by a car and was in such shock that he ran away, the driver didn't stop to help either. After a very stressful night spent looking for him he was found the next morning thanks to the help from our local animal rescue group and some friends who went out searching for him. Luckily he was ok.
I cooked my second roast dinner in my house for myself and 8 others in the family on Sunday just gone, it was nice to have everyone here and cook for them but I think I'll leave the regular roast dinners to my Mum and sister and I'll do one once a year, there's a lot to them!
The OH and I had a week off from work together so we really got in some quality family time, as always it went too fast though.
I really feel like March was a positive month for our little family (knocked down dog aside of course). We are gearing up for a busy April which sees us heading off to the very first Irish Parenting Blog Awards in Dublin so looking forward to updating you all on them next month.

Here we are in March:

This month Luke loves:
  • Sleeping a couple of hours longer in the morning
  • Fixing things in the shed with Grandad
  • Building blocks
This month Dad loves:
  • Having a cinema date with his first born
  • Helping Luke with his building
  • Curly Wurly's
This month Mum loves:
  • Luke sleeping in longer in the mornings, 6am wake calls are less frequent
  • Starting a photography course
  • Starbars



  1. Aw poor doggy. :( Glad he is ok though. #meandmine

    1. Thanks Janine, he's fully recovered now :)

  2. I love Luke's jumper! Glad your dog is ok too x

    1. Thanks Bex, he has two of those jumpers, his Nanny buys them in the markets in Dublin :) xo


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