Monday, 2 March 2015

The Day I Realised: I've Turned Into My Mother

It's inevitable really isn't it? One day I'm going to turn into my mother. My Dad always says it, "As long as you're around, your mother will never be gone!". The OH will look at the mother in law at some point and think, yeah this is a glimpse into the future of what I'll be like in years to come. Years away though, when I'm older with grown up children, not now, not at the ripe young age of 29! Alas it happened, I said something the other day and it stopped me in my tracks, I actually had to do a quick scan of the room to make sure that it was indeed me who had spoken and not my mother, it was easy to figure out because my mother wasn't there...and it was scary! Not that there's anything wrong with my mother, I love her, we are friends as well as mother and daughter but it was frightening just how much I sounded like her and then I began to think and realised that it had slowly been happening over the past while, I'm not sure how long this has been going on but here are a few examples:

  • I'm frequently heard saying "If I want something done properly I may as well do it myself" - a favourite of my mother's many phrases
  • I bulk buy fabric softener when it's on offer, she has stacks of it in the utility room, always has done along with many other bulk bought products, I don't know why, maybe in preparation for some apocalypse or something.
  • I worry when the OH is out and I know he is driving and he's later than usual or the weather is pretty bad, I begin to panic that maybe something has happened. You can be guaranteed that when there's any kind of weather conditions that may affect driving ability my mother will text me to let me know and ask that I text her once I get to work, I now do this too.
  • I always make my bed and in a specific way and no one else can make the bed the right way except for me...this is definitely my mother's influence.
  • I write out where my money has to go each week. I always remember her doing this in my earlier years, making sure she had all of her bills and the amounts written out in her notebook. I do this now, every week in my diary I write out what needs to be paid and tick it off as I go.
  •  I'm constantly rushing, although I rush to work because I'm late, she rushes because she likes to be super early, early enough to have a cup tea early y'know?! 
  • I panic, a lot, over small things, she's brutal for that, especially when she's rushing to be early for work and can't find her car keys anywhere, she's been known to practically turn the house upside down only to find them somewhere really obvious that she would've seen sooner had she just not got in to a panic about it...this is now me too. Cue lots of eye rolling from my Dad and the OH.
  • If you want to know about your rights at work or consumer rights or your entitlements, she's your person, she just knows this stuff which I know because of her so now I seem to be the go to person in my group of friends for these kind of things.
  • I can't be fobbed off with a short answer, I kind of need to know all of the details, I'm not satisfied unless I feel like I fully understand something. She's like this too, which made it very hard to try and pull a fast one on her during the teenage years. The OH is delighted I'm sure that a question can sometimes turn into a full blown interrogation! 
  • And the moment of realisation was when I said, "Pack it in!" I've only ever heard my mother say this, she would say it when we were being bold or annoying and Luke was banging the table the other day in temper and I told him to "Pack it in!", that's when I knew....I was now my mother.

She's still a super awesome Mum and Nanny though so I suppose turning into her isn't all that bad :) 

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  1. I'm turning into my mother too! it horrified me at first but then I realised there a lot worse people I could turn into and she's pretty amazing xx

    1. I feel like Rachel in Friends when she says she was trying so hard not to be her mother she never realised she was turning into her father, that's me the opposite way around! :)

  2. "When I open my mouth my mother comes out" Yep it happened to me too, especially if I'm giving out haha but sure aren't mammies great :)

    1. I just never saw it coming, got to love the mammies though :)


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