Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Community Spirit Is Alive And Well

Followers of my blog would know that back in March our beloved family dog, Murphy was knocked down by a car outside our house and he ran off.
I'll just give you a quick run down of what happened: It was St Patricks Day eve and I was about to go to bed but let the dopey dog out for a pee before locking up, I turned my back and he took off over to the green area next to our house. He came back but was running at such speed he obviously didn't have time to register the car coming towards him and him being almost completely black I'm guessing the driver didn't see him either. I ran out to the drive but sadly the driver took off and so did the dog. I rang the OH to come home as he was in his friends house so that he could go looking for him. My worst fear was that he'd ran off to die somewhere as I was unable to see if he was injured before he took off.
So the OH called this friend to help him and I said I would post on our local community page just in case anyone came across him or he was in someone's garden. The response I received was over whelming!
The local animal rescue group were tagged immediately and offered their help to go out looking for Murphy despite it being almost midnight and before I knew it there was a car load of people outside our house along with the OH and his friend and a few other local residents of our estate who'd seen the post and gone out looking too. I was helpless being at home as someone had to stay there while Luke was in bed but it gave me a great sense of comfort to know that so many people had gone out of their way to be out there searching with us.
About 2.30am and everyone decided to call it a night as we all agreed that Murphy was probably in hiding due to shock and not ready to be found and that we would begin searching again the next morning, When I woke up the very lovely Katie from ARC (Animal Rescue Cobh) who had organised the search the previous night had made up "missing" posters and had circulated them online to raise awareness for Murphy.

We went out searching again the next morning and many more people were messaging me to say they had seen him and were out looking for him and would try and catch him if they came across him again. The phone didn't stop ringing either.
The pup was eventually found not too far from home by 2 friends of ours who managed to catch him and hold on to him until the OH got there. Thank fully we wasn't hurt, the vet checked him over, a small cut on his leg and bit stiff in his shoulder but other than that fine.

It just made me so happy and revived my sense of community spirit to see so many people genuinely concerned for Murphy and going to such efforts to help us. Most of these people didn't know us but that didn't matter.
Growing up I lived in the countryside and was always part of a close knit group of people, everybody knew everybody. I moved into "town" a couple of years ago to start my own family home and it's a quiet estate where we kind of keep ourselves to ourselves, we would say hi to the neighbours but that's it really. I missed the familiarity of the countryside where I grew up and the knowing all my neighbours type of thing and it's something that I felt was really important to have for Luke as well.
However after this incident I very much feel like part of a community, a supportive one at that. We went to the local parade once we had Murphy sorted after finding him on St Patricks Day and for the first time n a long time I felt genuinely proud of my home town.
It also made me realise just how valuable these kind of organisations are, like ARC. I guess sometimes you don't realise that until you need them yourself. Also never ever underestimate the power of social media, it's amazed me how fast word got around about Murphy, how his picture was shared in places outside of Cobh.

I would like to commend the members of ARC for all that they do, taking in stray, unwanted animals, animals in need of veterinary care or just some TLC. They do all of this off their own backs and rely on charitable donations to cover the vets bills for the animals. I believe they have people who can foster the animals while waiting to re-home them permanently but even at that these foster homes are stretched thin. Also a big thank you to everyone else who helped in some way.
I would ask that if there's a group like this in your locality, help them out every so often, give a donation, offer to spread the word of their work, share posts and pictures on your social media, no gesture is too small when it comes to something like this.
Say hi to that neighbour, support that local event because at the end of the day a community is made of the people who pull together at all times.



  1. Lovely post!! Makes me think I should go and introduce myself to my neighbours!

    1. Thank you! It might be worth your while if you do :)


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