Thursday, 30 April 2015

Glenisk Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015

So April 25th was the night of the first ever Glenisk Irish Parenting Blog Awards or #IPBawards as it was famously trending as over on Twitter.
These awards were set up to celebrate the Irish parenting bloggers who are taking the blogging world by storm and by god did the organisers do a good job.
These awesome people: Mama.ieMind The BabyThe Airing CupboardDolly DowsieAt The ClotheslineThe Busy Mamas and Raising Elves were the stars of the show (alongside the award winners too!) and together they put an amazing night together.
The venue was Odessa on Dame Court in Dublin, The food was delicious, the wine was extremely pleasant to sip (gulp) down and the venue was the perfect size for all of the awards attendees. We began with drinks and food in the restaurant and then moved upstairs to the roof top bar for the presentation of the awards (and some more wine, it was really good!)
On arrival we were given a goodie bag with some pretty amazing goodies in them, take a look:

How awesome are the personalised #IPBawards One4all cards?! The OH won €50 on one of them, I will be helping him spend it! The blog goodie bag itself is epic, "Blog when the baby sleeps!" usually the only time I get to do it anyway! I'm in love with  the Glenisk "Eat Blog Love" apron and I will be putting it to use in the kitchen. Luke was totally impressed with the Lottie doll from MyKidsTime although I had to keep it away from his little hands until I managed to grab a picture. The folks over at MyKidsTime are offering a 10% discount (use code IPBA2015) on these fabulous dolls until May 31st. Why not head on over there and grab one for yourself?! I really want the Rockabilly one.

 I was delighted to see such worthy finalists shortlisted for the 10 categories and happy for all of the winners, maybe slightly envious of their super cool award that came in the shape of a special IPB teapot designed by the talented Colorines Wonderful. You can view the winners of the 2015 awards here as well as the lovely sponsors.

The main thing for me was finally getting to meet some of the wonderful people I have been conversing with online within the group for over a year and a half now, to finally put some faces to the names and to meet the talented folks behind each blog. They were all as lovely as I imagined and the atmosphere on the night was fantastic. I don't think the event gone have gone any better.

So, have we a date set for the 2016 Irish Parenting Blog Awards?! 

(Ps. Yes I know it's Thursday and I'm only posting about it now and yes I know it's almost a week since the event but it's taken me this long to fully recover!)



  1. It was a fantastic evening, huge success with thanks to the committee. It was so lovely to finally meet you xx

    1. You too Kellie! :) Great night, can't wait to do all again next year hopefully! xo


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