Monday, 18 May 2015

The A-Z Of Me

Thanks to the lovely My Little Babog for the tag in the A-Z of Me, I love reading and writing these kind of posts!

Here we go:

A - I can't eat Apples with the skin on, they have to peeled, cored and cut up into pieces
B - I always said if I was going to have a baby, I'd love just one and to have a Boy..and I have him :)
C - I don't like Cats, except for my mother's cat, Socks
D - I Dye my own hair all of the time, well my mother does and it's been all different colours
E - One of my middle names is Emma
F - I very briefly owned a 1986 Ford Falcon
G - I have a pink Guitar and started playing when I was 11, not in front of many people though because I was way too shy
H - I've owned 3 Honda Civic's, one hatchback and 2 coupes, they were the loud boy racer type ones too!
I - I moved to Ireland when I was 6, before that we used to holiday here every year.
J - Jimmy Eat World, my favourite band
K - Katie, my 12 year old niece and also my best buddy who's company I cold never tire of, she always brightens up my day
L - Obviously this one is for Luke, the fabulous almost 2 year old that belongs to me. My world.
M - Make up, I really don't feel like I can tackle the world without my eyebrows and eyeliner on
N - Nits or lice or ticks whatever you want to call them, they always remind me of my time in Australia when I walked out of my room to see my 2 hippy housemates, who spent most of their time naked or on acid or both, picking nits out of the guys dreadlocks. An image forever engrained in my memory!
O - Omega 3, I take one everyday along with Vitamin B6
P - I have my tongue Pierced
Q - Queenstown aka Cobh, my hometown
R - Red is my favourite colour
S - I fractured my Spine in a car accident when I was 20
T - I got my first Tattoo on my 18th birthday and now have 8, the most recent one taking 9 hours to do
U - Underground, the Tube in London, the Metro in France, any kind of transport underground like this really freaks me out
V - Victoria Frances and Luis Royo are 2 of my favourite artists
W - I can't imagine never living by the sea, I love being surrounded by Water
X - X-ray, yeah I've had a few of those. (X is a really tough letter!)
Y - Vote Yes. Simples
Z - I've never been to Dublin Zoo but I want to go (Z is also a tough letter!)

I tag Inspired By Motherhood :)


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