Thursday, 11 June 2015

12 Things I've Learned In 12 Months #2

Another 12 months has gone by, quite quickly I might add! They have been eventful to say the least and as always we are on a constant learning curve as parents.

So we approach the 2nd birthday tomorrow, here's another 12 things that we've learned in these last 12 months:

  1. Not so much learned but realised that I may never get to go to the bathroom in the morning on my own ever again...seriously he HAS to come with me! Sometimes he even tries to sit on my lap, I mean c'mon kid give me a break, 2 minutes first thing is all I ask for!
  2. That I could hate Fireman Sam, I loved him as a kid and I'm kinda sad about this but watching the same episodes daily for the last 10 months is slowly but surely making me lose my mind.
  3. No matter how many different kinds of drinks I offer Luke, smoothie, plain water, flavoured water, orange bottle, purple bottle he will always, strongly, with tears most times, refuse them all and then demand the first choice I'd offered him in the beginning! Jeeeez...I can't win.
  4. I can no longer fob him off with baby versions of things he wants play with or use - a hammer, not his plastic child friendly one, he wants the big one from Grandad's shed, he doesn't want his small and not as sharp children's cutlery, oh no he wants the adult stuff, not an extra set from the drawer though, he wants my knife and fork, the ones I'm using at the time of eating, he's been known to whip it out of my hand mid mouthful!
  5. Chocolate will always diffuse a hairy situation! I was quite proud this time last year when I could say that Luke wasn't phased by chocolate, he had a much more savoury tooth...Pah! That wasn't long changing, the mere mention of the word can halt a possible tantrum, bad parenting I get it but sometimes  a lot of times it's called for.
  6. Don't EVER tell anyone when the toddler decides to sleep well, be it all night, a sleep in or just sleeping for longer stretches because as soon as you do, BANG!'ve jinxed it and they are awake all night again.
  7. It is possible to fall back to sleep with a 1 year old climbing on your head / kicking you in the back / whispering in your ear / generally wriggling around 360 degrees in the bed, the tiredness just overtakes us sometimes that I think we could sleep through a bomb explosion.
  8. Water can be so much fun! Seriously give this boy a old spray bottle filled with water and a dish brush and he will amuse himself in the garden for ages while he's "cleaning".
  9. I can no longer speak without watching what I say, he repeats EVERYTHING!
  10. He has NO fear which means I have ALL the fear! 
  11. That 4 little words could break my heart - "Cuddles couch, mum peeease" - being said to me as I'm rushing us out the door to get Luke to his aunty's house and me to work and he's looking at me with a pleading look in his eye and asking me to sit on the couch for cuddles, tears spring up in my eyes as I promise him I will do exactly that later on, as soon as I'm home, just not right now...
  12. No matter what kind of day we have had, he always wants his Mum cuddles at bedtime, which just reminds me that no matter what, he will always be my baby whatever age he is.

This year Luke has learned how to use that smile and his charm on all of us to his advantage :)



  1. Try using the toilet, pregnant with an octopus on your lap. yep, true story. I dunno how there is even room for him on my lap any more. Great post!

    1. Haha oh god I can only imagine how much fun that is! ;)


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