Friday, 12 June 2015

2 Years Old

2 years old today, 24 months if you still like to count in months at this age. I cannot believe I am the mama of a 2 year old, my baby has left the building and in his place is a witty, charming, intelligent, kind hearted, handsome toddler.
It's so incredibly hard to imagine my life before this little scamp came into it, what was my driving force everyday when everything I do now is for him?
These last 2 years have been amazing, hard and frustrating too but amazing more than anything.

I'm still tired, I can probably count the number of lie ins I've had on one hand as well as full nights sleep!
I'm still going through this journey cautiously and unknowing, somewhat blindly but each day that passes it brings a new knowledge, something we didn't know the day before but something we will remember the next time.

When I think back to the 1st birthday celebrations last year, I was far more emotional, I mean it had been a challenging year navigating my way with a newborn and a complete change of lifestyle but this time around, Luke turing 2, I'm excited.

I'm so looking forward to watching my little guy come even more into his own in the next year, he's such an independent dude and so clued in that everyday he amazes me with something new. He is wonderful company, he loves to sit on the couch for "cuddles" in the evening with me or stand up at the kitchen sink to do some "washing" or go out into the garden to water the plants and do some "weeding". He's a great help around the house ;)
I'm excited to see his relationships develop. Him and his Grandad are like partners in crime, going off on adventures in the countryside, he likes to help his Nanna peels the vegetables for dinner, he annoys the life out of his cousin Katie but loves her just as much and his cousin Kellie doesn't get 5 minutes rest when he's around because he insists she goes outside with him. It's so great to watch him interact with everyone.
There's a lot of exciting times ahead for my boy and us as a family.

So to you, my little Lukey, we love you and 2 is going to be a great year for us all :)

Happy Birthday Buddy! 



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