Thursday, 9 July 2015

Daily Vitamins

I was never one for taking vitamins, the mother used to always be on to me about it but y'know sure I was a young one, I didn't need vitamins yet like!
However along with other things after having a child, my view on this also changed and I decided I needed to take better care of myself. So while also getting my diet and weight in order I've also been taking some vitamins.

This is how I start my day:

Omega 3 Fish Oil - This is for heart health and with a history of heart problems on one side of my immediate family I felt it was time I started to a little care of my ticker. Omega 3 can reduce blood pressure, something I need a helping hand in since being pregnant. It also reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.

Vitamin B Complex - Supports an energetic lifestyle according to the box, which is what I have working full time and running around after a 2 year old! It is also great for easing stress, aids memory, relieves PMS and reduces heart disease risk.

Ginzeng + Multivitamin - Natures energiser. This is said to boost concentration and performance also and during the week when I have to sit at my desk after a not so great nights sleep I find these really give me a bit of help in getting through the day.

Do you take any vitamins? What ones do you find help with daily life?



  1. I'm big on vitamins here too. Cabinet looks a little crazy. Between the 3 of use we take at least 9 vitamins every morning haha

    1. Oh himself wouldn't take them at all,he managed a Berocca for a few mornings but that was it! Luke has a multivitamin tonic though :)


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